The Latest from Lisa – 10/15/10

A new mentor appeared in my life unexpectedly last weekend (10-10-10) and as she felt into my energy, she read me like a book. She was direct, supportive and compassionate, and I felt my field expand in her Light.

I am currently enrolled in business coaching programs and the learning curve has been steep for me. While doing my best to keep up, I have sometimes descended into worry, stress, confusion or self-judgment, which took me out of my power.

This mentor gave me a directive in no uncertain terms – she said that when I find myself in self-doubt, self-judgment, worry or negativity to say:

“Stop! I’m letting go. I’m letting go of everything and everyone

that does not serve my highest good. I am empowered.”

Venus is Retrograde in Scorpio, sign of transformation, which always begins with letting go so it’s the perfect time to tap into this energy!

It’s so powerful to catch yourself in the moment and decide to turn off negative energy – it’s an “undo/redo” script. Try it, it works!

The ultimate in empowerment is to discern whether any person, place or thing is serving your highest good by feeling into your energy when you’re in their presence.

Your highest good will leave you overflowing with a sense of fullness and peace, not feeling bad about yourself.

If you are contracted, something is wrong and I urge you to check-in: are you in your head or your heart?

If you’re in distress, your head is usually the source of trouble (ego), telling you something that’s causing you pain. When you’re in your heart (Spirit), you will be guided on a different path altogether.

During Venus Retrograde, as you go back over what you value and how you value yourself, please, please give yourself some extra TLC.

Commit to letting go of everyone and everything that doesn’t serve your highest good.

That is the ultimate act of self-love.

Feel free to share what you need to let go of, if you dare!

With love and blessings,

Lisa script

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