Final Week of Sun in Sagittarius, Jupiter-Uranus Magic – Dec 13, 2019

This is the final week of the Sun in Sagittarius and this lively, adventurous sign of expansion wants to grow, even with its Ruler (Jupiter) in Capricorn. You can still have good fortune, but you have to do the work to get the benefits and the returns are karmic (you get back in equal measure what you put in).

We also have a creative Jupiter-Uranus aspect in effect all weekend, that holds the potential for bringing magic into your life if you’re actively in the game! More on that in a minute…

Chiron (Wounded Healer) turned Direct yesterday, asking you to embrace you current evolutionary identity. Who are you now? You are not who you were six months ago, a year ago or more. Think about it. You’ve grown and you are different than you were. In order to be fully empowered, it’s important for you to appreciate your unfolding development and authenticity going forward.

We have two major aspects on Dec 13, starting with Neptune trine Mars. This allows for harmonious flow with intuitive guidance, knowing innately which moves to make and when. This is Wu Wei energy, actions that are effortlessly in alignment with the natural world. No pushing or confrontation needed.

Venus is conjunct Pluto on Dec 13 too, which intensifies the drive for satisfaction and fulfilling your desires exponentially. Pluto is unrelenting and doesn’t take “no” for an answer; it wants what it wants. Venus is love, values, style, beauty, $$, relationships, creativity and shopping (be mindful if you’re in “holiday shop” mode!). Pluto-Venus is passionate and magnetic, so you can use this to your advantage if you have a date, an event or a presentation to make!

On Dec 15, big picture Jupiter trines Uranus (the unexpected) and this is a sparkly day for making proactive changes that can open doors and invite opportunities into your world!

Jupiter and Uranus are planets that aren’t limited by “reality” as we know it. They are inspired and operate out of the box, so take actions toward anything you want to call into your life today. Don’t miss it!! You never know what can happen when you take aligned action, especially with Jupiter (possibilities and opportunities) and Uranus (the future).

Jupiter and Uranus are both in earth signs (Capricorn and Taurus), so wishing and visioning alone won’t create what you want. Practical actions, grounded in reality will be rewarded. You need a job? Call contacts, update your profile, be creative to get attention, attend a networking event. Do something productive – your efforts will be rewarded with a positive attitude and actions.

Also with Jupiter-Uranus, what needs liberating in your life? If you feel stuck, stagnant, bored or tired, something needs to change; some kind of hostage release is called for. Get help from a trusted advisor, a class, friend or use your own creativity to shake up your life (without being crazy :)). Direct the energy of change that is available for you now!

The next few days are relatively smooth in the afterglow of the Jupiter-Uranus energy. Early on Dec 19, Mars (action) sextiles Saturn and actions taken now can create real and lasting accomplishments. Good for planning, this is grounded, stable energy that you can build on.

Also on Dec 19, Mercury (mind) squares Neptune (dreams), which is perfect for artists, intuitives, healers and spiritual practices, but can easily create miscommunications or misunderstandings re: details or linear activities (accounting, negotiating a deal, etc.). Get your ducks in a row earlier in the week if you need accurate data and don’t do contracts today.

Mercury square Neptune has other expressions that include depression, grief, anxiety, disappointment or addiction. If you need support, please get it. There is so much help available, for free or for hire. Being alone in your head is not good when you are suffering. I speak from experience. Let people love you and help you, please. You’ll be doing them a favor, too :))

Which leads us to the Winter Solstice on Dec 21 – a week that includes a Solar Eclipse on Dec 26. With this energy approaching, anything can happen at any time. Direct the energy in the most productive ways possible for you!

Enjoy this week of Jupiter-Uranus of expansion and unexpected opportunity. This is a holiday spirit vibe, where you can expect some kind of gift or blessing to arrive if you take actions aligned with your Higher Good.

That’s what I’m doing…

Namaste and wishing you all the best. xo

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