Jupiter Neptune New Moon in Pisces – March 2022

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Feb 25 – We are still in soft, dreamy Pisces energy as we approach the New Moon in Pisces on March 2, and yet, we are witness to Russia invading Ukraine, as Pluto returned to its natal position in the US chart on Feb 22, along with other factors that are influencing the conflicts that have been ongoing. But there are transcendent energies available as well, that you can choose to focus on.

The weekend is relatively quiet until the next major aspect on March 1, when the Sun sextiles Uranus, inviting creative change or a spark of genius to activate within you. Pay attention to sudden impulses or ideas that inspire a new direction or unique Self-expression, especially something different for you. Stretch yourself and dare to go beyond your usual way of Being if you are feeling it – and enjoy! Oh, no tattoos or anything permanent, though, as you may change your mind later :))

The New Moon in Pisces is March 2 @ 9:35am PST, with 4 planets in Pisces – besides the Sun and Moon we have Jupiter and Neptune (co-rulers of Pisces) too. This is an abundance of compassionate, higher dimensional energy that is designed to call you within to envision the big picture of infinite possibilities. 

The New Moon is always a time for new beginnings, but with Jupiter sitting beside the New Moon, it feels like an activator for the year ahead, even though Pisces is at the end of the zodiac. Pisces is the sign of no boundaries and Jupiter is expansion, and together they offer a panoramic lens of your imagination. The only limits you will experience are yours, which you can change if you are willing to do the work. Neptune is mystical Divine Love, reminding us that we are all One. That’s why spiritual practices are so healing, as you move beyond the ego to connect with something Greater (your Higher Self and All That Is).

On this New Moon, Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, which speaks to innovation, technology, humanitarian causes, and innovative changes going forward. Saturn can bring Mercury’s ideas into form, making them real, whether writing a book, creating a product or birthing an invention. It supports clarity, seeing your next steps, giving yourself time to plan, or serious conversations and commitments.

Venus and Mars have been traveling together and will be through March 6, focused on balancing yin and yang (feminine/masculine) energy in love, relationships, $$ and values. Venus was Retrograde in Dec-late Jan and connected with Pluto twice before, so as it meets Pluto for the final time in this go-round, you may finalize the conclusion of an ongoing issue – or this may reveal secrets, shady $$ games, other back-room deals or clandestine love affairs. Think: covert operations being exposed – watch the secrets continue to be revealed.

Mars-Pluto can be unrelenting drive, ambition, power and in lower expressions, greed, lust, and abuse of power. If your intention is for the Greater Good, Mars-Pluto can be purposeful, able to pursue goals with clarity and focus to achieve success. The lower expression of Mars-Pluto is domination, with no regard for humanity; the opposite of Pisces compassion and empathy. Think: war, for the purpose of acquisition and control. 

Venus-Mars with Pluto can also mean you can transform your values, a belief about love or your lovability or you can be empowered to harness your creativity (Venus-Mars is very creative!) in order to fulfill a dream. You may be ready to take any of these areas to the next level if you are already in good space (and there’s always a next level).

On March 3 Mars, Pluto and Venus are still together, giving you a surge of energy to apply to your inspired dreams, plans and visions for your higher alignment and path forward. Channel your spirit’s guidance by tapping into your Higher Self or heart’s desires, then create your intentions and write them down. The point is, YOU decide what you want – and then go for it! Make a commitment to your Self and your evolution by what you think, say and do. 

This is a sacred passage, with abundant Jupiter sitting on the Pisces Sun and Moon, inviting you to expand your horizons and take actions that align with your dreams. Make the most of this precious time, as the Pisces New Moon contains both of its co-rulers, which offers access to your Highest potential, along with creative and innovative energies in earth (manifesting) and air (ideas). 

Connect with Spirit, dream your dream and write your intentions down. Release what’s no longer relevant by making new decisions that serve your Highest Good. Allow your Self to be transformed by staying open to the signals and messages you receive. Don’t let your busy mind get in the way of your growth and evolution by judging what your Inner Guidance is showing you. 

This is a profound opportunity for shapeshifting your life, transcending old limiting patterns and beliefs and for reprogramming your way of operating. Make the most of what’s available for YOU. Namaste, from your Piscean sister :))

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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