Jupiter in Scorpio Abundance ~ October 27, 17

These past few days have been ripe with abundance, which continues through the weekend as expansive Jupiter rides with the Sun in Scorpio. Jupiter magnifies everything it touches (for better or worse), blowing things up to a whole new level.

That’s why it’s so important to direct your energy towards something productive and wanted. Of course, you can just indulge (which is fine if it’s a conscious choice and not self-medication used to avoid pain or responsibility). Jupiter is the planet of optimism, the big picture, high ideals and more, more, MORE!

This Jupiter propulsion is a gift, facilitating a trajectory that we’ve been waiting for after all the crazy, chaotic energies of the past few months. Take actions now to activate anything you’re ready to begin or want to expand. Use it or it will pass you by. This is an opportunity.

Late tonight through Sunday, Venus squares Pluto. Venus rules love, how you value your Self, your desires and $$. Pluto rules power, what’s hidden and transformation.

Venus square Pluto can activate control issues around $$, love and power. Think of the many ways $$ is used to manipulate others (either giving or withholding it), and love, too (which really isn’t love, but we call it that). Codependency operates this way – the fear of losing love if you don’t submit to the others’ desires.

A lack of Self-love easily fuels manipulation or control, either by being a martyr, sacrificing and/or manipulating others. Issues around power and love are some of the most primal that drive your life every day. Love yourself, love others.

In a square aspect, Venus-Pluto can create power struggles or activate a breakthrough. It’s a personal victory to wake up and change thoughts and behaviors that are toxic or out of integrity. How may people sell out for $$ – or go against their integrity to acquire power? It’s rampant in our culture. Just watch the news…

Here’s a quote I love that applies in Paul Ferrini’s book, Love Without Conditions: “There is nothing complicated about the act of love. It only becomes complicated when one starts to withhold love, and then it ceases to be love that one offers.”  

The Grand Trine in Fire (action) w/ Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, and the North Node in Leo is still active. There is a benevolence at work, supporting you when you’re willing to take methodical actions to create or do something new or in a new way. I want to remind you of that. This is a really good time to spread your wings and fly!

The week continues smoothly as we approach the Full Moon in Taurus next Friday night/Sat morning. Use this good energy to create. Think of possibilities and follow your intuition to grow and expand and enjoy having the wind at your back!

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…

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