Jupiter in Pisces / Mars Retrograde – October – November 2022

The cosmic events that occur this weekend will have ongoing effects that color our experience through the end of the year – and beyond. We are sitting between the Solar and Lunar Eclipses, in the wormhole (a short distance between two vastly different realities), where anything can happen – and we don’t know what that is yet.

Oct 28 – Jupiter retrogrades from active Aries back into gentle Pisces, today thru Dec 20, inviting intuitive inspiration as your daily practice in this fertile period of transformation. During this return to Jupiter in Pisces (where it was from late Dec ’21 – May 10, ’22), your attention is called within and it may reawaken your interest in old dreams, possibilities and projects that you were focused on earlier in the year. This is an opportunity to slow down and receive Inner Guidance that can direct you and serve you well.  

Jupiter wants to expand your horizons and in Pisces, it taps into your inner landscape and activates your imagination. Jupiter rules faith and Pisces is a portal to your dreams, and together, they can make magic when your vision is clear. That’s why creating space for daydreaming, journaling, contemplating, being in nature or just Being is so powerful during this time. Pisces loves having space to wander in. Trust me, this Pisces Sun and Moon knows :)) Enjoy this optimistic energy of potential, abundance, possibilities and hope that can raise your spirits in challenging times as you practice being present with “what is.”

Oct 29 – Mercury in Scorpio thru Nov 16 and the mind is a detective, looking for data, answers, truth and especially hidden info. Conversations can feel like interrogations or important info is withheld. You may be suspicious of those who you can “feel” aren’t being honest or forthcoming – or you finally find out what’s really going on. Gossip is used as character assassination or leaked audios are revealed, which happens all the time now. Just a few examples of this energy – and very, very intuitive. Things are hidden, things are revealed, truth comes out.

Oct 29 – Also, the Moon sextile Venus tonight is a sweet energy for a date, a social gathering or meeting. What you need and what you love is in harmony tonight, so music, entertainment, friends, fun, love, care – all good! 

Oct 30 – Mars Retrograde until Jan 12, 2023. Mars is the planet of action, will and how you get what you want – and it’s traveling backwards through year’s end, affecting all forms of movement. Mars is in the sign of Gemini (Ruled by Mercury), which is communication, info, education, ground travel – so it feels like a Mercury Retrograde, even though it’s not.

Mars Retro in Gemini affects everything you’re trying to make happen to move forward now. It will take longer, probably much longer, with off-roads, being side-tracked unexpectedly, with miscommunications, wrong info, supply chain issues, travel snafus (including the holidays), scheduling issues, labor shortages, etc. You get the idea. 

Mars is also the planet of anger and Mars in Gemini is squaring Neptune (planet of illusion) that can create confusion and misinformation to get people riled up, as well as a lack of clarity no matter what. Your intuition is the only reliable resource you have at this time. Feel what is right for you and stay present; don’t allow your mind to get hooked by fear or drama. Watch the show if you must, but don’t become part of it.

On the upside, Mars square Neptune can shapeshift, where you flow around obstacles (Wu Wei, the Law of Least Effort), and be non-confrontational by going higher into observer mode. Decide that’s how you’ll move – smoothly, in alignment with your environment, to override any dense 3D energies you possibly can. Go slowly and see through the lens of love and compassion to stay high.

When Mars is Retrograde, it’s the optimal time to focus on projects already in process, what needs revision, attention, clean up or release. This is not the time to begin a new project, as the energy will not be aligned with you. When it comes to your personal evolution, you never know what may be opening within you, ready to awaken and emerge, which may surprise you. Pay attention to how you feel, as Mars rules your vitality, your physical energy and you may be like a caterpillar in your cocoon. Honor your body by taking impeccable care of yourself and tending to any aspect of your Self that you’ve neglected or that needs attention.  

The coming week leads to the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on Nov 8, so lots of movement, and in the U.S., we have Election Day on Nov 8 as well, which has the dial on HIGH. This requires us to “Be Spock,” to be as objective as possible while the proverbial pot is boiling.

Jupiter at 29º Pisces is infinite possibilities. Meditate on that and focus on your soul’s highest vision.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ~ JRR Tolkien 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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