Jupiter in Pisces, Final week of Sun in Taurus – May 2021

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This is the final week of the Sun in Taurus – sensual, earthy, slow and comfort-loving. Taurus is the sign that knows how to enjoy pleasure – delicious food, comfy furniture, fresh flowers, the body and nature. It is yin energy (receptive), so take in all the goodness you can allow yourself to receive. Receiving is a daily spiritual practice when done with reverence and appreciation.

With Jupiter in Pisces (May 13-July 29), a search for greater meaning is primary. Life has changed – what is meaningful to you now? Jupiter is the ancient Ruler of Pisces, creating expansion and abundance in this sensitive, intuitive sign. It can awaken new inspiration and blessings of all kinds; it’s a fertile time for manifesting desires and dreams, as well as expanding your horizons. 

Try something new. Jupiter rules foreign travel and other cultures, so look for openings in these areas. This is a warm, uplifting energy for re-assessing your beliefs with compassion, remembering that We Are All One. Jupiter rules beliefs and ideals – and in Pisces it highlights unlimited potential.

Dream with a focus on soul fulfillment: what lifts you up and nourishes your heart? Why are you here now? See the big picture for you and trust your intuition. Don’t let the “how” (the mind) drag you down re: your vision or soul’s calling. Jupiter’s optimism feeds your spirit and frees you from the daily drama of egoic anxiety. Jupiter in Pisces can create magic, in the form of opportunities, ideals, synchronicity, compassionate pursuits and abundant blessings. 

The Sun trines Pluto on May 17, which strengthens your can-d0 energy, as well as the willingness to release anything that’s no longer helpful/needed on your journey forward. Knowing when to let go is a big evolutionary piece and Pluto supports the death of the old and the birth of your evolving Self. If you have a job requiring major effort or depth, utilize Pluto’s powerful mojo to support you.

Venus sextiles Chiron on May 18, a gentle energy for healing heartwounds with compassion and empathy. If you question your value, if you feel unappreciated or fear asking for what you want, this is a good time for to make some new decisions to honor yourself. Recognize that you are loved, lovable and worthy. It has to begin with you – and then you can share your love and compassion with others. This is a good day for healing in relationships as well.

On May 19 Venus trines Saturn, the perfect time to begin or launch a creative project, make an agreement, a commitment (especially in relationships), an investment or go shopping for fashion or beauty products. Grounded Saturn makes good decisions and Venus brings the love and style!

The Sun moves into lively, curious Gemini on May 20, joining the North Node of Destiny, Venus and Mercury in Gemini. That’s a lot of mental “air” energy! Now the pace picks up, as mutable Gemini is all over the place – a social butterfly and communications specialist, interested in everything…

So we open the week with the Sun in Taurus and close the week with four celestial bodies in Gemini. You can expect to feel a shift in the rhythm of life by the end of the week – and just to alert you: 

May 23 – Saturn Retrograde

May 26 – Total Lunar Eclipse @ 5º Sagittarius

May 29 – Mercury Retrograde 

We’re already in the Eclipse Period, which means the energy is heightened, but aside from that it’s a pretty smooth week. Make any major purchases (especially tech) now if needed. Back up your info. Get yourself organized, take actions now and prepare to lay low during the bumpy ride the final week of May with all the action coming. 

Wishing you a week of peace, alignment and positive flow, as you create your new life to honor your evolving Self. 

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive – and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~ Harold Whitman

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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