Jupiter in Gemini – May 2024

We are just coming off of the Full Moon in Sagittarius trine Pluto, with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction sextile Neptune. So many possibilities – a call to Higher Truth, awakening, expansion by following your intuitive guidance.

Doors are opening and your path is dictated by your beliefs (as always), but do you see a positive road forward or a rocky path, fraught with challenges? Your beliefs hold great power and the invitation is to move beyond black and white, us vs. them, either-or thinking into the higher realms of Oneness (Neptune/Pisces), knowing we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Venus has joined the Sun in Gemini, with a desire for connection, variety and a break from mundane routines, seeking to share with others every which way. Curious, social, charming and seeking abundant interactions, like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower, not staying long term, but here for the moment and for the fun, flirtation and stimulation.

May 25 – Venus trine Pluto creates magnetic attractions – and with Venus in Gemini and Pluto in Aquarius (air signs), you will connect intellectually or you’ll be on the same wavelength where you go deep and share ideas, plans and/or creative visions. Pluto can help Venus in Gemini focus, rather than be distracted or scattered – and Pluto can always bring powerful people into your life (especially with sociable, charming Venus in Gemini). This can be very pleasurable and productive, so enjoy and make the most of it!

May 25 – Jupiter enters Gemini until May 2025. Jupiter in Gemini brings expansion through connection, is the best for networking, adaptability and learning new modalities. There will be progress at warp speed in all forms of communication, tech, AI, data sharing and other innovations. Jupiter always wants “more” so prepare to be inundated with various new products, ideas, upgrades and directions. The sky is the limit with Jupiter – and Gemini will be flexible if a particular path doesn’t bear fruit.

May 27 – Mercury sextiles Saturn, when you make decisions that are thoughtful, important for the long term, good for paperwork, commitments, deliberate decisions that you are willing to build your future on. This is good for planning, so this is a good day to discuss and sign if there’s a major contract or agreement you are considering.

May 29 – Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries can activate a core issue or wound that is very internal and personal around acting on your will. If a wound is triggered you will know it – and your job is to get the support you need to assert yourself and claim your desires without receiving permission, approval or agreement. You want to be free to take action without stopping yourself out of fear.

This is another week of openings and possibiltles, especially with Jupiter in Gemini, offering almost too many choices so that the skill to develop is tuning into what will further your purpose in the moment. You will have many options, but not all will bring you desired results, so take time to consider your purpose before making decisions.

You can wear yourself out running around, do endless research, have FOMO (fear of missing out) – or you can sit in stillness – or journal (a Gemini activity) to connect with your intuitive guidance to choose a deliberate path to pursue.

There is no harm in exploring by trying different routes to see where they lead, but if you find yourself becoming drained by too many people and too much activity, go within and get quiet – in meditation, nature, writing, with music, doing spiritual practices – some Neptune activity (right brained).

Your evolving truth will set you free – and IT evolves, as YOU evolve.

I repeat: Enjoy all the abundance and opportunities that you are can allow yourself to embody and embrace. The potential is limitless – and the limits are yours. Stretch, stretch, stretch!

Don’t let your ego interfere with what’s unfolding by attaching to your version of how things should be – rather, observe from your Higher Self Guidance, and witness the miracles that occur when you don’t have to control everything. It’s a practice :))

Feel the freedom in releasing old identities that no longer serve you. Releasing is part of what allows for expansion – and enjoy this extraordinary grace.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” ~ Rumi 

“A ‘miracle’ is the transformation of denial or not understanding.” ~ Ed Poliandro

We must give up control and release our expectations about a specific result.” ~ Kathy Cordova

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