Jupiter in Capricorn – December 2019

This is the final weekend of happy, lucky Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius for 12 years, where the sky’s the limit. If there’s a stretch you want to make with the wind beneath your wings, you are supported and this is the time to take action!

On Nov 29/30, Mercury sextiles Saturn, supporting stable, grounded info, planning and decision-making. Very helpful. Jupiter in Sag with Saturn-Mercury can work together to access opportunities to move forward in positive and productive ways!

Mon, Dec 2 brings a major transition, as optimistic Jupiter moves into hardworking, no nonsense Capricorn (Ruler of Saturn) for a year. Jupiter has big ideas, but Capricorn demands that you keep it real – or pay the price for foolishness and frivolity. Things have to make sense.

Jupiter encounters the limits that Saturn imposes and has to be much more practical than it was in Sagittarius. Get used to it. Time to focus on solid plans and methodical actions, rather than relying on inspiration to carry you through the goal post!

Jupiter in Capricorn measures success via results. No matter how positive your intention is, what are you actually creating – what is the outcome?

Pluto (transformation), Saturn (structure), the South Node (past), and Venus (relationships) are in Capricorn already. Venus arrived in Cap on Nov 25 and is serious about love, $$, and values commitment (only the serious need apply.)

And here comes Jupiter to add to the mix. So what does this mean?

There’s a major focus in Capricorn – sign of hard work, accomplishment, boundaries, time and value. Lord of Karma (getting back in equal measure, the energy you put out).

You may create new ways to structure your time and energy for maximum value (for you). Not for pushing yourself to the limit or working yourself to death.

Saturn (Ruler of Cap) is approaching Pluto, (death/rebirth), to be exact on Jan 12, 2020. We’ve been in this energy all year, which has manifested as old structures and reference points falling away and perhaps feeling unstable because of it.

As a culture, we don’t really know where we are or what’s happening in the midst of this profound structural transformation.

Death and rebirth is no small thing and it requires the highest level of faith, aligned actions and impeccable Self-care to move through successfully. That’s my best idea and guidance. I’ll share more about this as we move through the month.

Also on Dec 2, Venus conjuncts the South Node (past), indicating a current relationship challenge, ending or you experience old relationship issues via your beliefs, attitudes or outlook.

Venus is in Capricorn (a make it or break it position), so if a relationship doesn’t hold up for you, you may decide to end it. Or deal with the issues in involved, but it’s unlikely that you’ll just coast along in denial. Find your part in any non-working dynamic and deal with that, if you want to grow and evolve. You didn’t just fall into the relationship – it holds a growth piece for you.

On Dec 3 Mercury sextiles Pluto, which brings up info that changes the picture – probably info that was hidden. This can be personal and/or global. Stay tuned. Don’t be afraid to dig and look for what is real.

Also on Dec 3, Venus connects with Mars, activating passion and creativity, so use this energy for inspiration and actions to create something you desire. Venus in Capricorn wants to manifest something lasting, so if you put the energy in, you can create real results!

Wow, what a week! This is a powerful shift in energy that is fertile for actions re: inspiration, discovery, planning and creating. Make good use of it! Your Capricorn planets will reward you.

Namaste friends and take good care.


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