Jupiter in Aries / Winter Solstice – December 2022

Dec 16 – We are in the last few days of the liminal space of introspective Jupiter at 29 ºPisces, the spiritual energy of endings and completions, as you leave some area of life with a fresh perspective or newfound wisdom. This closure allows you to move forward, available for a new beginning, especially if you awaken to new ideas, outlooks or interacting and communicating with others.

Dec 17 – Mercury trine Uranus channels frequencies that generate innovative thinking, brilliance and genius that supports progress for you and others. Tap in to elevate your thinking, your viewpoints, to explore new territory or modalities for your future. You may get a flash of insight that leads you on a new path or answers a long held question; communications can be stimulating and create brainstorms. Enjoy!

Dec 18 – Hanukkah, Festival of Lights, begins at sundown and goes until Dec 26.

Dec 19 – The Sun conjoins The Galactic Center (27º Sagittarius, Center of the Milky Way), a portal that allows for powerful downloads that can evolve your consciousness so that you shift into a higher dimensional space, which may take time to process and integrate. This is not 3D, so don’t expect info you receive to make linear sense. Allow yourself the gift of space to be with any experience you have, which you can activate by asking a question about your soul’s path now and then listening – and journaling what you “hear” intuitively. This is a great exercise.

Dec 19 – Venus square Chiron allows for healing pertaining to beliefs about your value, your lovability, mistaken beliefs about what love is, relationship issues and connection wounds.

Dec 19 – Mars sextile Chiron puts energy toward your health and well being. What needs attention in your world, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual? It’s all connected – and the physical body is just the final frontier, where dis-ease manifests after signals and symptoms have been ignored on other levels. Course corrections are on the menu – make a plan, get info and bio-hack your body-mind-spirit. There are extraordinary resources available.

Dec 20 – Jupiter ingresses into Aries, as we begin an enthusiastic new cycle with the “leap before you look” planet in the fast-paced sign, ready to go! In some area of your life, you should be thinking about and planning for goals for 2023, as Jupiter in Aries will help to power you forward in the new year.

Dec 21 – Sun enters Capricorn – Winter Solstice, at 1:48pm PDT and it’s a quiet time of withdrawal and reflection on the shortest day of the year, or The Return of the Light. This is a good time to acknowledge your Self, the road you’ve traveled and appreciate All That Is, as you look ahead with vision and faith. The New Moon in Capricorn is on Dec 23, so you will set your intentions then, but you may be more in faith, reverence and gratitude now.

The Sun in Capricorn brings you down to Earth, with practical actions, thinking, reality checks and an eye on responsibility. In the midst of the holidays, this is helpful for grounding and staying conscious so you don’t over-do it (Jupiter in Aries) shopping, partying, eating. On an esoteric level, Capricorn invites you to step into your Inner Authority and trust yourself – to make decisions and take actions based on what feels right for you without looking for approval, permission or agreement. A BIG deal. YOU are your own boss!

Dec 22 – Venus trines Uranus, and you are ready to experiment – a new style, hairdo, a twist on your usual dating type, go somewhere new with your partner, you may attract new people into your life, may receive a surprise gift, unexpected $$ or some other delight. Whether you initiate it or not, it’s going to be enjoyable and should feel spontaneous. Higher expression: Dare to stop people pleasing. Be your Authentic Self (and find out who really loves you!).

What a week – an arc that feels abundant and alive, with infinite potential for internal and external experiences and connections that are healing, fruitful and fulfilling. Honor yourself and your growth at this sacred time of year.

P.S. The next Mercury Retrograde is Dec 29, 2022-Jan 18, 2023. Get your free report with the 2023 Mercury Retrograde dates and because Mars is Retrograde in Gemini (ruled by Mercury), I wouldn’t buy tech equipment now – or until both Retrogrades are over. If you do, keep the receipts so you can return any items that are defective or just the wrong item.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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