Jupiter Full Moon in Gemini – Nov 23, 2018

We awaken to in the energy of the Full Moon in Gemini early this morning with Jupiter on the Sun in optimistic Sagittarius, ready for an adventure.

With Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius (for the next year) it is at full strength in its drive to explore and expand, filled with can-do optimism, a big picture vision and high ideals. Rather than glass half-full, think glass overflowing!

With the Sun in Sagittarius, it amplifies the Light while opposing the Moon in mental multi-tasking Gemini – activating curiosity, bright ideas and a desire to do everything at once!

Don’t be surprised if you feel like your mind is in high gear with no brakes. Please monitor yourself so you don’t go overboard, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday shopping. One click of a mouse gets you this, and this and this…

Mars in Pisces is squaring the Full Moon, setting the stage for passive-aggressive actions, accidents, nervous energy, worry, pushiness or instability. Mutable signs are affected by external events, which can stress the nervous system when there’s too much going on. Give yourself extra space, whenever possible, and make decisions mindfully.

On Sat Nov 24, Neptune Stations Direct, amplifying its diffuse, dreamy energy that can create confusion or a slowdown, due to a lack of vitality. Don’t resist and try to push through, flow with it the best you can.

Neptune’s purpose is to call you within – either for creativity, a spiritual experience, to dream or to connect with All That Is. Meditate, be in nature, watch movies, dance. Commune with your Higher Self. Do what Neptune asks of you and be in your feeling Self.

Slow down if you feel like you’re on a merry-go-round that’s accelerating, with a gazillion things happening at once. When you can’t focus, you will feel at loose ends, which is destabilizing. One thing at a time please, and take twice as much time to do half as many things as your mind tells you is necessary.

Mercury Retrograde continues thru Dec 5, so keep that in mind for the next two weeks. Click on the link for my free report so you know what to do – and what not to do.

Here’s a word that may describe the way you’re feeling in our current energy: MOCHAS. (Mind Out of Focus). If you’re having trouble with your attention or energy level lately, it’s not just you, it’s the Neptune energy along with Mercury Retrograde that is slowing you down and trying to unwind old structures in your consciousness in order to create space for a fresh arrival.

And then remember at the same time, the Sag/Gemini Full Moon energy is hot to trot, wanting to do everything, so this can be a tricky combo. You don’t have to chase every bright, shiny object. When in doubt, sit with it. See if you still feel the same way later – and then take an action.

Easy does it… and namaste.

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