Jupiter Direct / New Moon in Virgo – Sept 2020

We open the week with dreamy Neptune opposing the Virgo Sun today on Sept 11, good for spiritual practice, creativity, compassion and a connection to All That Is, at best. However, it can also generate anxiety, confusion, low energy, misunderstandings or disillusionment. 

With it being Sept 11, Neptune can easily trigger grief due to loss from that fateful day 19 years ago – or for all that we have lost since then, human and otherwise, including simpler ways of living. Treat yourself and others gently today, move slowly, take good care.

Expansive Jupiter turns Direct on Sept 12, fueling big picture “total vision” (rather than tunnel vision), activating optimism or a desire for more, that can propel you forward in the days and weeks to come. Because it’s in Capricorn, it requires you to take methodical actions (a drag for impulsive Jupiter), but it can work in your favor. Use the mojo to take next steps toward a desired outcome, motivated by your highest ideals. Jupiter rules social causes and inspiration, so tap into what lifts you up, especially during trying times. 

With Mars Retrograde until Nov 13, moving forward will have a new rhythm, and you’ll likely be forced to go inward to explore your motivations or something from the past that needs attention. Mars in Aries is a speedy planet that drives action – what you go after and how you do it. Because it’s squaring Saturn right now, it will cause you to downshift and have to take extra steps or move more slowly.

Mars Retro can manifest in different ways – internally, or via external obstacles that require a review, but it will affect your movement somehow. Stay tuned to how that unfolds for you – and know that there’s a purpose for whatever you face, beyond the obvious. Look for the lesson or the learning that will serve your spiritual evolution – and don’t push. Align with the rhythm of the Universe, which you have to tune into in order to feel.

The Sun trines Pluto on Sept 14, activating experiences through which you experience your power, depth and may even access hidden gifts or talents. Tap into your inner strength and empower yourself to move toward your goals. 

Venus squares Uranus on Sept 15, creating a blindside in your relationship, a sudden change in your desires/style, or shaking up your life in some way. Yesterday you were in your power and today, out of the blue, there’s an unexpected curve ball, which can come from within you or from another. Easy does it if it’s a partnership issue – and take time out to get clear about your values before reacting or making any decisions. 

The New Moon in Virgo is on Sept 17 @ 4:00am PDT, a new beginning to increase, create or develop whatever you want to grow. Virgo loves order, and is an analytical organizer and critical thinker who decides what is useful, what is not. This is perfect for plotting and planning, with details and written intentions. Virgo loves a To Do list – and intentions are your Monthly To Do list!

At the same time, Mercury squares Jupiter, fueling BIG ideas and possibilities! Mercury is linear and Jupiter rules the big picture, so together they can be productive, although the square may take things too far. Watch for over-promising, saying “Yes” to too many things or saying it too quickly. Restrain your impulse to jump in, while keeping the Jupiter positivity to stay high. 

Also, the Sun trines stable Saturn on the New Moon, supporting structures, practicality and allowing you to make things REAL. Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus are Earth signs – and we have the Sun (Virgo), Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto (Capricorn) and Uranus (Taurus) all in Earth, making aspects this week, which supports bringing ideas into form if you are willing to take actions.

This is a dynamic week, ripe for action, so make good use of it! Jupiter Direct can move projects forward that may have been stalled, with the Sun trining Pluto and Saturn for support. Follow the call of your Higher Self. Let the squares activate you rather than derailing you; they will always call for some kind of adjustment, mental, emotional and/or physical. Consider it a stretch.

And remember, everything is happening FOR you and your evolution. When you seek the meaning of the events in your life, this growth mindset will serve you well. Make your New Moon Intentions for Sept 17 and after the Moon is New, take actions to activate your intentions. Enjoy!

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