July 8, 2013 ~ New Moon in Cancer/Saturn Direct

Cancer Crab Tile

We’re still reverberating from the effects of Pluto and Uranus, which both made hard aspects to the Sun last week. As we approach the New Moon in Cancer on Monday, we have four major energies all in one day. Follow the rhythm and don’t try to force things that aren’t ready to happen yet.

Saturn (work, structure, reality) turns Direct on Monday, but it will take time before it gains momentum. Structures and projects that have been stalled or stuck should start moving forward and coming together as the month unfolds, slowly and deliberately.

The New Moon in Cancer is on Monday July 8th at 3:14am EDT. This is the time to take action toward anything you want to expand or create. But Mercury is Retrograde, so no actions in the external world toward new projects (no announcements, launches, contracts, sales).

You can take actions regarding planning, preparing, creating, connecting, or redoing. And if you want to take actions on the New Moon, you have 3 1/2 hours to do it before the Moon goes Void of Course at 7:44am EDT until 6:48am on Tuesday, July 9th.

To recap, on Monday we have Saturn Direct, the New Moon in Cancer, and a 23-hour Moon Void of Course, with Mercury Retrograde running in the background. That’s a lot of swirling energy!

I recommend that you take Monday to connect with your Higher Self and vision – really get in touch with what you want to call into your life that will fulfill your needs, personal and professional.

Self-care is a priority now – especially for mothers, caregivers, and those in helping professions who spend much of their time caring for others. This is a wonderful time to take actions to pamper your innermost self, whether it’s having a massage, connecting with a family member or old friend, creating a beautiful space in your home, expressing your feelings to a loved one, having a favorite food, or whatever feels nurturing for you. Actually, setting boundaries may be the most nurturing action if you give too much.

It’s your job to take actions to rectify whatever’s out of alignment for you, and Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time for course corrections!

Sensitivity and vulnerability are highly underrated in our western culture, but they are absolutely necessary for our wholeness and personal fulfillment as human beings.

So on this New Moon, treat yourself lovingly and honor your feelings. Commit to nurturing your Self so that you can live an empowered life and be who you came here to be!

We continue with Mercury Retrograde in Cancer until July 20th. Please get my free report if you don’t have it, so you know what to do – and what NOT to do during this time!

There are some major Moon Void of Course days this week. As a rule, pay attention so you don’t schedule important meetings, dates, tasks or launches during Moon Void of Course times. Here’s a link to get the Perfect Timing Guide if you need it.

Don’t take any actions that require a specific outcome when the Moon is Void of Course. The Void Moon is good for leisure, spiritual connection and creative activities, but not for targeted results.

Knowing the Void Moon times and acting accordingly goes to your responsibility for creating what you want in life.


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