It’s a Virgofest! – Aug 23, 2019

This week is a Virgofest – and boy oh boy, has the energy shifted! Mars (action) entered analytical Virgo on Aug 18 and Venus followed on Aug 21. You can feel the shift from ego-driven desires to focused productivity. Do the right thing. And do it “right” :))

Today the Sun enters Virgo, too. Virgo rules service, health, wellness and discernment. What is useful and what isn’t? This is all about what to keep and what to release – cleaning out your closets, literally or figuratively.

With the lineup of planets in Virgo, the focus is on sorting, releasing, creating order and doing the work to manifest your intention or desired outcome. And being of service.

You can feel the Zen of being in process (a Virgo thing), by following steps that build on one another to produce a result. And no sign loves dealing with details, being productive and putting things in order like Virgo!

More good news: Uranus (change) in harmony with Mars, Venus and the Sun all week, supports creative changes in Self-expression and constructive action giving you increased confidence to do things the “old” you normally wouldn’t.

On Aug 24, Mars conjuncts Venus, initiating passion and desire, which can manifest in a myriad of ways (shopping, sex, love, creativity), but because they’re in Virgo, take actions that are grounded in common sense and/or practicality.

The overall Virgo-Uranus activation will be in effect all week, so take advantage of the energy of change, made with discernment, to serve a greater purpose (accomplishing something).

Also, with Venus trine Uranus, you may feel a desire for independence, to do something different with your $$ or you may change your style. Pay attention to your impulses – they are messages from your soul and perhaps, buried treasure (aspects of Self) that are ready to emerge.

On Aug 29, Mercury (communication) joins the party in Virgo, completing the stellium of personal planets (Sun, Venus, Mars) all in Virgo – that’s a lot of concentrated energy available for your use. Plans and projects will benefit from this focused energy – as long as you are working towards change (Uranus) – so make the most of it.

I consider this week a gift. If you direct your decisions and actions toward your growth and evolution, I expect you’ll see positive results – and maybe some surprises!

Get to work and focus, change, create and be of service!

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