Into the flow – Feb 15, 2019

We have incoming energies that change the playing field this week in profound ways. Mars (action) went from speedy Aries into easygoing Taurus yesterday, which decelerates the speed of actions considerably.

Over the weekend, the Sun is in the final degrees of independent Aquarius, as Chiron (the wound/Wounded Healer archetype) completes its journey thru sensitive, compassionate Pisces.

This is a time to commit to your healing and growth, so you can live from an identity that feels authentic and aligns with who you came here to be. How do you know? When you are aligned with your Truth or Higher Self, your life fits you like a glove and it feels right. (No rationalizing to deny what’s not working; getting real is a requirement for alignment).

Here’s the lineup for Mon, Feb 18:

1. Chiron leaves tender Pisces to move into pioneering Aries until 2027 and it’s time to claim your evolving identity on a new level. Be courageous and dare to live from your deepest/highest calling. The lower expression of Chiron in Aries is not knowing who you are and if you are there, it’s time to explore and discover the right to be your Self.

P.S. When you know who you are, you don’t need to reference other peoples’ opinions and guidance about you. You will KNOW what you know, because you are connected to your inner guidance and truth. Don’t fret if you aren’t there yet; you can learn, but you need support that will work.

2. Saturn and Venus meet in Capricorn – a “make it or break it” energy. Either you make a commitment or break up (a decision either way). Saturn is serious and doesn’t do denial, while Venus craves relationship, so even if you’re in a relationship, it’s prime time for handling problems (getting real) or deciding to part ways. This is perfect energy for an engagement – and also it’s good for committing to a creative project for work.

Saturn, Venus, Pluto and the South Node (past) are all in Capricorn now (structure). With Mars in Taurus, this is practical energy for accomplishing that can build something lasting.

3. The Sun goes into Pisces and we enter the final sign of the zodiac in flow.

On Feb 19 Mercury (mind) meets Neptune in Pisces and the three planets create a nonlinear approach to life that offers the opportunity to tap into your dreams and visions.

You may be in fantasyland and then hit restrictions, or you can use this energy to make your dreams a reality by taking practical actions. Pisces rules imagination and Cap/Taurus is manifesting energy. Use this combo well, as the pace slows down and actions are more deliberate.

The Full Super Moon in Virgo on Feb 19 is ruled by Mercury/Neptune in Pisces. Virgo is order and service, whereas Pisces creates a more spiritual perspective allowing greater access to your potential, beyond the usual boundaries that limit you. Be willing to stretch and feel what’s calling you – and see what comes to light on this Full Moon.

Some people fear Mercury in Pisces energy because our culture is so left-brained (tech gadgets, info sharing, etc), and Pisces is more of a feeling sign. I invited you to tune into your intuition when making decisions – and then double-check facts and plans just to be sure. Don’t panic.

With Mercury in Pisces for two months – and turning Retrograde on March 6-28, we’re going to go through a powerful nonlinear processing period.

Don’t make decisions or take actions from anxiety. If you experience confusion, go within to get clarity. Slow down. Focus on Being and deliberate doing. There’s wisdom that says: Don’t just do something, sit there.
Give yourself extra space. Learn how to flow with incoming info and the pace of life. The earthy slowdown will serve the bigger picture and will teach you something valuable. Stay tuned…

Wishing you a harmonious flow as you move through the week that gently propels you forward.

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