In the Hallway Call with Lisa

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Check in with yourself and see if any of these are true for you:

  • Part of your life has ended, your new direction has not yet been revealed and you don’t know what to do
  • You are not sure if you are experiencing a completion or an obstacle
  • No matter what you do, you feel stuck, blocked or like nothing is working
  • Regardless of how smart or resourceful you are, you can’t figure out what to do next
  • You feel lost, overwhelmed, frustrated, disinterested — or just plain exhausted
  • You are holding on with claw marks to some aspect of life that clearly isn’t working because you’re afraid to let go (or don’t know how)
  • It feels like you — or some part of your life — is falling apart and you need support and direction
  • You are desperately trying to discover or understand your purpose and haven’t yet found it

If you resonate with any of these statements this call is for you!

Thurs, June 13th

8pm EDT 7 pm CDT / 6pm MDT / 5pm PDT

The call will be recorded and you will receive the audio.

I will share:

  • What it means to be “In the hallway”
  • Why this class needs to happen NOW – and why the particular scheduling
  • The difference between transition and transformation
  • The 5 stages of moving through transformation
  • How receiving fits into the equation
  • What is actually happening when it feels like you and/or your life is falling apart
  • The MOST IMPORTANT gift you possess that can ensure your success

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