Independence Day Astro Events – July 3, ’15


We entered July with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction, ushering in abundance and blessings, which brings gifts, blessings and opportunities, along with romance and new creative possibilities.

This duo is connecting with Uranus (sudden change), so anything can happen, which may show up with dramatic flair (Leo). This is the energy of feeling ready for a stretch of some kind – that embodies joyful expression and play. This energy will roll forward all week…

For the next few days, Mercury connects with Venus, Jupiter and Uranus, allowing you to think about where you want to go next. This expansive energy encourages you to tap into your brilliant creative potential and actually be prepared to make changes to midwife a new delivery.

The other dominant aspect we will experience all week is the Sun-Pluto opposition, which can activate control issues and power struggles. With oppositions, you often feel like something is happening or someone is doing something TO you. 

The trick is to use this energy deliberately to transform some unwanted pattern in your life or to use the power to propel you forward in a major way by directing the energy towards something you want to create or accomplish.

If you have a problem or obstacle, get really honest with yourself and find out how YOU are creating this situation – or how you are contributing to it. Then set your intention to have a breakthrough! USE the energy rather than being at the effect of it, like a sitting duck.

If something unexpected blindsides you, step back and do your best to take the emotion out of it by reminding yourself that you’re safe and you can turn this around someone. Get help if you need it. Clarity is the place to begin – in an empowered way. Suffering is never the intention of your Higher Self.

If you are in the dark, an astrology reading can help. Just saying, I am here for you :))

Wishing you love, blessings, brilliance and a joyful Independence week!

This is your life – and you are the creator of the experience you are having. Make it a great one! 



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