Incoming Abundance with Full Moon in Capricorn – June 26, 2015

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We have lots of planets in water signs this weekend – and water processes via feelings and intuition. So how are you feeling? The planets are in harmony, but if you aren’t internally, you will feel it.

Cancer rules your needs. If your needs aren’t being met (for whatever reason), you won’t be a happy camper. Suffering isn’t a “win” – it reflects a belief that’s lacking in self-love, so please reconsider if this is you (and get help). This is a call for self-care.

Simultaneously, Venus (love, $$, desires) and Jupiter (abundance) are coming together in Leo (your essence, ego), activating opportunities for gifts, blessings and magic to rain on you! You can practice receiving :))

By the way, Venus is going to be a major focus going forward and you will hear more from me about that. Get ready… :))

As the week moves along, the planets will shift and create harmonious connections that will allow for greater emotional connection, support and unexpected opportunities to receive nurturing and care.

Know that you will allow as much love, care, and goodness as you can tolerate. If you have trouble opening to the goodness that’s available for you (for whatever reason), get the message: You need to work on this. It’s a quality of life issue!

I invite you to stretch and see what you can allow in. Seriously…

On Monday, Venus and Uranus (change) are in harmony, creating possibilities that may surprise you. This is the time to take actions that will expand your horizons!

On Tuesday, we have a Grand Trine in Fire (action) as Venus, the Moon, and Uranus all flow in harmony. Watch for unexpected, positive changes and other blessings that lift you up (love, $$, creativity, appreciation, self-esteem). This is a good time to get out there to mingle, network and connect to maximize the energy.

If you’re going to ask for a favor, a sale, time off, or anything else you want, this is your time! Tap into this amazing flow and blaze a trail! The world is your oyster right now, so be positive and proactive for the potential that’s available for you.

Full Moon in Capricorn – July 1, ’15

7:20pm EDT ~ 10:20pm EDT

The Full Moon on the Capricorn-Cancer axis highlights your professional/public life (Cap) and your personal/domestic life (Cancer). The Full Moon is when things come to light – or the culmination of things.

This Full Moon includes the abundant Venus-Jupiter combo aligning with Uranus, so there’s a whole lot of energy focused around opportunities for blessings, love, the quality of your life, your needs, your desires, the flow of abundance in your life and the expression of yourself via your work – and how that’s working for you (or not).

Take this opportunity to stretch for whatever it is that you want, you’re lacking or that you want to initiate. But don’t just let this golden energy pass you by. This is a week to feel into what you want, dream big, and go for it!

This is your life – and you are the creator of the experience you are having. Make it a great one!

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