In the Wormhole – Jan 11, 2019

We are between Eclipses and in the wormhole – a short distance between two realities that can lead you to surprising places. Hang on to your hat – and understand that nobody can predict exactly what this will mean for you, so focus on what you want, release what no longer serves you and take actions that align with your intentions.

The Sun conjuncts Pluto early this morning, bringing issues around power, upheaval, transformation or death/rebirth. Stay tuned… and be willing to go deep and look within to find your part in any drama that should arise, if you want to transform the energy within you that attracted it.

This weekend there are two aspects that can actually work together if you use them in harmony with one another.

On Jan 12/13, Mercury (mind) conjuncts Saturn (Authority) – the perfect time to begin a project, make a plan, write ideas down, organize or focus on your path for this year. Saturn brings ideas into form. If you don’t use it in a productive way, you may feel depressed, heavy or unheard.

On Sun, Jan 13, we have a Jupiter-Neptune square which can activate unrealistic dreams, over-confidence, idealizing, or allowing needy victims to drain your energy. Jupiter is expansion and the Big Picture; it sees possibilities – and Neptune is Divine Love, dreams and Oneness.

These two optimistic, idealistic planets in a square can lure you into la-la-land, far from reality if you are ungrounded. There’s a setup for disillusionment if you fantasy as an escape or to avoid reality.

I love these Neptune and Jupiter (which happen to rule my Sun/Moon and Rising Sign). They can go a little overboard (no boundaries Neptune and big picture Jupiter), but that’s okay IF you use this duo to inspire you and help you connect with your vision.

Jupiter-Neptune can inspire you to dream a bigger dream and connect with higher energies that align you with your purpose for being here. We have an abundance of planets in Capricorn to support creating the structures needed to make your dream real if you’re willing to do the work. And if you don’t know how, get help. It is out there!

On Monday, Mercury (mind) is in harmony with Neptune, giving you extra energy for creativity, spiritual practices, intuition and self-expression. We are taught to overthink our intuition, to be rational and logical.

You can be smart, intuitive AND logical. All elements are required to build a life that nurtures and supports you – and aligns you with your mission here on earth.

Use the energies this week to feel what you want to create next in your life, what you need to let go of and how you can make any or all of this happen. Be willing to adjust as you go along, because things are changing moment by moment, especially during an Eclipse period.

Surround yourself with people who support you and your desire to grow. Those who don’t can bring you down, whether consciously or unconsciously by resisting your efforts to change and evolve.

Create the space you need to blossom and remember to stay open to possibilities – anything can happen in Eclipse season!