Higher Self or Wounded Self Decisions?

12 years ago

I’m preparing to fly home to NYC today after meeting with my coach and  Platinum Mastermind group for the last few days.

It feels very energizing and centering to have a plan for 2012 – one that was created for my expanded, BIG Self, rather than my limited, doubtful self.

That’s the beauty of having a coach or mentor, i.e., one who holds a space of truth and vision for you that’s greater than what you see for yourself in the moment. Then you get practical guidance to implement the plan.

So this is a good time to check in with yourself. Are you making decisions from your Higher Self or are you making “low self-esteem/Wounded Self” decisions?

Those low self-esteem/wounded self decisions will keep you small until you’re ready to take a leap and move to the next level – if ever.

Seriously, are you short-changing yourself because you fear you’re not worthy or that no one will want you or what you offer? If so, you need new input – and a new mirror!

I so recommend that you get support for whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish and it all begins with shifting your beliefs about yourself and your value.

If you follow me, you know how I feel about that. Here’s my belief:
You are the essence of pure goodness. Your goodness has nothing to do with your actions or the actions of anyone else.

Yes, it’s true.

And if you don’t know that deep inside, I would love to help you shift that.

If you allow others to treat you as less than wonderful, I would really love to help you shift that.

If you treat yourself as less than the precious gift that you are,  I highly recommend that you work with me asap!

My new program, The Miracle of Transformation, was created to share foundational teachings with you that will change your life, from wherever you are today, onward.

You are missing a huge opportunity if you allow the ego’s fear to overrule your Higher Self’s call.

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