Heart on Fire – Full Moon in Aries – Oct ’16



The energy is building as we approach the dynamic Full Moon in fiery Aries late Sat night, early Sun morning here in the U.S.  Full Moons always heighten emotions but this one includes Uranus (the rebel, revolution) and asteroid Eris (disruption) sitting on the Moon, which increases the emotional barometer exponentially!

This can activate dramatic events, so expect the unexpected. Prepare to be flexible if something happens seemingly out of the blue. Your mission: Be Spock. Stay grounded and find your center before making decisions or taking actions, if possible.

Some kind of shakeup is in the works, meant to break up stale structures. Attachment to any existing reality will create upset (an ego tantrum) if you try to resist the change. Being in reaction is engaging in vibrational volleyball or a tug of war. From this place it’s easy to devolve into survival mode, which brings out the animal in you. Not pretty…

Any abrupt shift is a catalyst for the next leg of the story that’s about to unfold. This indicates an unknown outcome, calling for faith.  Step back to get a big picture feel for what’s happening on a macro level rather than viewing the situation through tunnel vision via the specific change.

Your ego may be screaming, “I need that!” but your Higher Self has another perspective. That’s what you want to tap into for greater peace and flow and direction.

You are being led somewhere – or to something new or held a different way. Resist the impulse to have a death grip on the old  and practice allowing space for what’s unfolding so you can regroup and realign.

Pluto (transformation, power) is squaring Mercury (communication, thinking), which can instigate arguments or a rigid viewpoint, where someone won’t budge (sound familiar?!). This is exact on the Full Moon, making the whole experience more loaded.

If you choose to have a needed conversation with your partner (business, romantic, mentor, best friend), much can be accomplished if you are both willing to get real.

Mercury-Pluto can bring up harsh realities if they’ve been buried, but this is the way to truly clear the air if you’re hiding or avoiding a truth. Think twice before you reveal something that can’t be “unheard” once it’s shared. These can be potentially life-changing conversations.

Be spacious and flexible when moving through your days – or use this time to do some personal exploration to see what is calling for change within you.

This is Prime Time for transformation, especially of shadow energy (behaviors, thoughts, feelings you are not proud of) with all this dynamic energy! See a healer, bodyworker, connect with a coach, group or mentor to explore what’s up for you. Be fearless and willing to look at what’s really going on – this is the way through!

These dark, dramatic times we’re in are really an invitation to choose how YOU want to operate. Do you want to be a martyr or bully who attacks others or do you want to bring more love and connection into the world? Decide what you stand for – and examine how your life aligns with that – or not. What changes do you need to make?

You have more power than you realize – and if you don’t know how to make needed changes (or don’t even know what needs to change), get help to find out. This is your job – managing your life so you are happy, well and living in a way that’s meaningful for you and others.

We’re in crunch time – and we need to wake up and shift humanity to create a more loving world of abundance, care and shared resources.

I’m in. I hope you are, too. Sending you love, blessings and good mojo!

The Moon Void of Course can derail intended outcomes and interfere with flow – and it’s also the optimal time to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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