Happy Valentine’s Day! Full Moon in Leo – Feb 2022

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We awaken on Feb 11 to a Mercury-Pluto conjunction that activates serious conversations, secrets being revealed, intense discoveries, breakthroughs, disclosures, defections or digging, with far-reaching consequences. Mercury and Pluto are in harmony with the North Node of Destiny, suggesting that what is *shown* now will support You, your highest path and purpose.  Pay attention. Any major info that’s revealed is for you to utilize when making decisions about your future.

This is the third meeting of Mercury-Pluto (Dec 29, Jan 28) and the culmination of something that’s been percolating for over a month. What you think and say matters. 27º Capricorn is the exact degree of the Pluto Return, which is exact for the first time on Feb 22 which rules transformation and upheaval, a process we’ve been in for a few years that has exposed endless back room deals, hidden $$ and power plays. We’re in the deep water collectively; your job is to align with your integrity and live in truth. Sometimes easier said than done. 

“If you think practicing what you preach is rough, just try preaching what you practice!” ~ Bowen Baxter

Mercury is in Capricorn over the weekend, which is great for detailed work (Pluto-Mercury is especially good), like income tax prep or any kind of practical organization and planning. 

Feb 14 is Valentine’s Day. Venus and Mars are together in Capricorn, feeding passion and commitment, with Jupiter sextile Uranus closely connected to add extra spice and possibilities to the day. Perfect! 

Mercury moves back into Aquarius on Feb 14 and although it’s not an intimate sign re: feelings, it is fabulous for creating relationships that allow for freedom and space. 

Aquarius is non-traditional, so dare to break the old rules and decide what a healthy relationship looks like for you and your beloved. Have it your way – and explore how you and your partner can reframe your connection to make it feel even more supportive – and if you’re single and ready to mingle, seek a partner who aligns with you! 

Mercury in Aquarius is visionary, progressive, attuned to the future and being authentic. The rebellion its known for is really an invitation to discern what’s true for YOU. Aquarius is not a blind rule-follower, but rather a free thinker who needs to feel independent with room to move. This is stellar for thinking out of the box and transcending old limitations, so allow yourself to explore new frontiers when brainstorming or considering your future!

On Feb 16 we have a Full Moon in Leo, sign of creativity and Self-expression, as well as romance and play! The energy has been building for the past few days and it fits perfectly with Valentine’s Day, as Leo rules the heart. The Full Moon can bring things to light, so it’s a good time to check in and see if you’re getting your Leo needs met. Do you need more play, more fun, more romance or creative expression? It’s up to you to create what will serve YOU and know that YOU are worthy. Think: Self-love and shining your Light. 

Venus conjoins Mars on Feb 16, fueling romance, passion and seduction, which goes with this Full Moon, as Leo loves the chase! Use your imagination to design a scenario to wow your special someone, even if you’ve been together for years – and allow your partner to give to you. If you’re single, do something special for yourself that you would love to have a partner do for you. Call it in and practice receiving, so you’ll be ready for it when it arrives. 

Feb 17 brings Jupiter sextile Uranus, meaning anything can happen, especially something unexpected that expands your horizons! Oh boy – what fun! Jupiter is possibilities and Uranus is a sudden change, and in harmony, this feels like winning Lotto, in that something good is likely to come out of the blue without you knowing in advance. Or you can tap into this energy if you’re ready to make a move and want fertile ground and flowy movement to proceed through. 

The Jupiter-Uranus experience can be internal (an opening) or external (an event), but no matter what, it is a blessing that brings a gift. Be open to receive and remind yourself that the Universe is conspiring for your Highest Good, even when you don’t know it. It’s an old spiritual principle that will color your perspective and supports you in finding meaning in every experience you have. 

This is a powerful week for love, creativity, passion, Self-expression and unexpected gifts. If you’ve been overly serious or working too much, take time to lighten up and play, connect and commune with those you love and indulge in some healthy pleasure. Yes, yes, yes! You deserve the Goodness, the attention and to feel special, because you are! 

“You are an extra-ordinary being who must go into motion, into movement so that you will draw to yourself the equivalent of yourself. You are an energy field that magnetically draws you to that which you are.” ~ Jack Boland 

If it’s time to make decisions about your future, align with your truth and lean forward into the new, as you drop old limiting structures that are no longer useful. Look ahead. Be creative. Believe in your Self.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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