Happy Valentine’s Day! – February 2023



This is a powerful and productive week, as we continue to prepare for the monumental changes that are on our doorstep, as Saturn and Pluto change signs in March. Be curious and engaged with your process to see where you’re being led and what’s calling for attention.

Feb 10 – Mercury conjunct Pluto, for the final time in Capricorn. The focus is on info, thoughts (conscious and unconscious) and what’s driving you, where you think you need protection (trust issues and defenses), and what will enable you to step into your power and access “buried treasure” within. This is a about asking questions, a CSI investigation, and it’s about getting to what’s real. You may have important conversations or learn game-changing info today.

Mercury (mind) with Pluto (what’s hidden) can facilitate insights and breakthroughs that create revelations when you do inner work to discover deeper motivations for patterns, behaviors, blocks, blanks, plateaus or confusion that can release you from bondage and allow you to evolve. It is so worth the effort to be your own detective and dig deep!

What are you afraid of – and what are you holding on to that you no longer need? Chances are, you’ve already let go of obvious outdated elements in your life and what’s left are imprints from old conditioning or traumatic experiences that were protecting you, but are no longer relevant – and now they are imprisoning you. But that’s the work – identifying them and then releasing them, which is likely a practice. Preparation and realignment for your new life in the new world that is arriving shortly…

Feb 11 – Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury leaves serious, structural Capricorn to enter free spirit Aquarius thru March 2, that rules all that flies thru the air, electricity, the future, humanitarian causes, the Greater Good and the masses. The opportunity is for your focus to become more expanded, open to progressive issues, new technology or finding innovative solutions/directions that call you forward. Mercury in Aquarius transcends regular thinking, with ideas that strike like lightning – and they’re brilliant! Or you may think they’re “out there” if you’re a conventional type, but trust what you get. See what comes through for you if you can free your mind from rigid ideas and familiar ways of thinking.

Feb 11 – Mars is sextile Chiron, and there is supportive energy for receiving healing – around identity (authenticity), or the quest for life direction or for being the Healer. Actions directed to care, well being and reaching out to those in need benefits all involved. This is also an opportunity to transcend limitations, which are usually created by your own beliefs (I can’t do that!)…

Feb 14 – Moon trine Jupiter and Chiron. Happy Valentine’s Day! This vibe is optimistic, abundant and compassionate. Whether you are in a relationship, on a date, have a special friendship or are celebrating your Self, this is a perfect day to honor your heart and those you love. Note: you may be feeling the Venus-Neptune conjunction already, so be careful if you’re out with someone new. The antidote for fantasy is going slowly to allow yourself to get to know the person you’re with – and this applies to business partners and all kinds of relationships.

Feb 15 – Venus conjunct Neptune. This is a romantic duo, with Neptune (Divine Love) being the higher octave of Venus (earthly love). Together they can create an illusion or fantasy that feels really real – and it is the BEST for as long as it lasts, so be mindful not to make any major decisions under this energy if you meet an irresistible stranger. That’s why it’s perfect for romance – it makes you forget the real world, as it is perfection, utopia, a fantasy, a high. The letdown of reality can feel deeply disappointing afterwards if you go too far out there, so try to maintain awareness if you’re in fantasyland. Neptune-Venus is great for creativity, spiritual practices, solitude and dreams (that hold important messages for you, whether waking or sleeping).

Feb 16 – Sun conjunct Saturn. After the ecstasy, the laundry (for those of you familiar with the Buddhist book by Jack Kornfield), meaning, after the Venus-Neptune “high,” back to reality. Perhaps something has become clear and you need to set a boundary or decide who/what belongs in your life to help you best proceed on your path. This is your reality check, regarding what is working/not working – and what is truly going to support YOU. Reconsider carefully and trust what doesn’t feel right as a message from your Intuitive Guidance. There may be an ending involved, if something is no longer needed. Trust that.

Pluto at 29º – the planet of transformation is sitting at the final degree of Capricorn, preparing to move into Aquarius on March 23 until June 11, which also brings up endings and completions, along with upheaval. World events will likely continue to be dramatic as old structures crumble, some literally, some figuratively, but know this is in Divine Order as a clearing to create space for emerging innovations that will serve us going forward.

Be present and vision your future with inspired optimism, knowing that the sky’s the limit! (Aquarian joke :)). Know that there’s a place for you and a path for you!

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

“If you don’t have love for yourself, then you don’t have trust or faith in the Wisdom that created you.” ~ Wayne Dyer

“Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power and a sense of spiritual deadness.” ~ Shakti Gawain

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