Happy Summer Solstice – June 2015

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After a challenging Mercury Retrograde period, the chaotic energy is finally lifting and life is beginning to flow. We have a smooth opening to the weekend, upbeat and lively in the final days of Gemini.

The Summer Solstice is on Sunday, June 21 at 12:38pm EDT, the longest day of the year and the peak of Solar energy as we begin summer with the Sun in ultra-sensitive Cancer.

Cancer rules emotional needs and how you get them met, your home (your nest), feelings of tenderness and vulnerability, emotional safety and security, family, food, tradition, emotional connection, nurturing and being nurtured.

Are your emotional needs being met or is there an imbalance (more giving than receiving, lack of connection)? It’s your job to find ways to take better care of yourself – and then do them, faithfully. You are precious and this is your life! Your care matters.

All week Jupiter (expansion/abundance) is in harmony with Uranus (change/the unexpected). This is a fabulous setup for magical gifts, blessings and opportunities to arrive, seemingly without any effort on your part. How great is that?!

However, you do have a part to play in this scenario in order to make the most of it: be willing to say “Yes!” to opportunities, gifts and you may enhance your luck by stepping out of your box a little :))

Here’s my guidance:

  • Align with the energy of abundance;
  • Be a good receiver;
  • Expect good things to happen (for you and for others).

Stay aware and stay awake! Pay attention to what’s available to you and what’s going on around you. There’s always an element of personal responsibility involved if you want to be truly empowered. Not to push or make happen, but to be available for the Good that’s in flow.

I’m signing the lease for my house on Monday, June 22nd when Jupiter trines Uranus – a happy, beneficial, positive change. If there’s something you need to do or want to happen – and you want the wind at your back, Monday is a great day to take action.

On the Solstice, you can set your intention to utilize and maximize the energy that’s available for you now. This is a powerful time for creating, so clarify what you want to call into your life!

Enjoy your week. May it be a golden one for you!


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