Happy New Year / Mercury & Jupiter Retrograde – Jan ’16

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We begin the New Year with all planets in Direct motion, but that slows over the weekend and finally ends when when Mercury turns Retrograde on Tuesday, Jan 5th. Get ready to undo/redo.

It’s an interesting dynamic to enter 2016 year feeling energized and then we’re one foot in the new year, and the Retrogrades begin! And that’s not all…

**Alert** Tuesday, Jan 5th is a good day to do routine activities, plan, create, enjoy spiritual pursuits, be in nature or take a day off and go to the movies. We have a challenging setup.

#1 – Mercury turns Retrograde. You know the drill by now – communications are confusing, misleading, equipment breaks, tech goes haywire, etc…

#2 – Mercury (communication, thinking) squares Mars (action, warrior), so watch for verbal sparring, feeling attacked, pushing harder than you realize to get your way – or one of the many other expressions of this setup for conflict or arguments.

You can channel this energy deliberately to make something happen if you’re very conscious and mindful, but it is on the Mercury Station, so the energy is ripe for misunderstandings. My guidance is to slow down and stay connected to the other in any and every transaction.

Conflicts and misunderstandings occur when there’s a loss of connection. This is when reactive behavior is activated. When you are connected to others in healthy ways, you can work anything out.

So (especially if you’re dealing with something important), be sure to connect first – then do your business or present your request/need/desire. And this Tuesday isn’t a good day to handle a challenging interaction. Just saying… either do it asap or if you can wait, wait!

#3 – The Sun is conjunct Pluto (power, upheaval) on Jan 5-7. This creates a container ripe with issues around power, hidden agendas and previously unknown issues. It’s really important to remember that letting go is necessary in order to evolve – and when Pluto is involved, things that have outlived their usefulness can go. Or you may just encounter a power struggle, so be mindful and spacious.

#4 – Venus squares Neptune, which can feel spiritually beautiful and uplifting, but it can also make you delusional – like drinking a little too much wine. You don’t really know what’s real until after it passes – and it’s happening on Tuesday with all this other energy, so it may be hard to know what IS really real. Don’t make important decisions today if you can help it.

On Thursday, happy, abundant, expansive Jupiter Stations to turn Retrograde, which isn’t really hard. Jupiter rules higher truth, wisdom, beliefs, ethics, morals, other cultures, spirituality, spiritual law – and more. It is optimistic and big picture with high ideals.

When philosophical Jupiter is Retrograde you get to contemplate your beliefs, ideals, faith and reassess where you’re going in life. The world is changing and you are being challenged to face yourself and certain issues like never before. And this will only continue.

I remind you, you chose to be here on the planet during this time of revolutionary change and recreation. Retrogrades create the container for “re” energy, so use it wisely, reverently and well for your good and the Greater Good.

I’m so grateful that we’re on this journey together!  I’m so grateful that we’re on this journey together! Easy does it this week – and I hope to see you on my *free* Cosmic Clarity: State of the Planet for 2016 call (register here). ♥︎

We have some major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – and are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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