Happy New Year! – January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! We awaken in 2021 with a beautiful Mercury-Neptune sextile that supports visioning – what you want to do, be, or create going forward. This is the perfect time to turn within to journal, meditate, contemplate and create intentions going forward.

See what comes up for you, honor it and hold it lightly. Don’t make it a “To Do” list. This is the whisper of your soul speaking to you, so have reverence for your inner, deeper, higher impulses. Your mind can get in the way with rational objections, but trust your spirit. It holds the keys to real satisfaction for you. This is the magic of life, so take time to explore what’s present for you.

Make some bullet points with intentions, plans, goals or desires for 2021. The invitation is to follow your bliss and release anything that’s not life-enhancing for you, whenever possible. You can do it!

The weekend is relatively smooth and quiet – enjoy the space, enjoy the peace. Allow yourself to ease into the new year in flow, with a time-out before the action kicks in. 

On Jan 4, Mercury is conjunct Pluto, either bringing intense news or a problem to be solved. Because this is the eve of the Georgia election for two Senate seats on Jan 5, we may see power struggles re: voting, results, fact-checking the news, and it speaks to potential issues around vaccine delivery as well. Info may be revealed that changes the picture for you or us, on a collective level, which is always likely these days… 

Mercury (mind) with Pluto (what’s hidden/power) loves details, research, spreadsheets, and forensic digging for info to clarify or to facilitate a breakthrough. Mercury-Pluto allows for concentrated effort, so take advantage of it if you have a project that needs this kind of laser focus. This is an optimal time for deep inquiry or conversations about something hidden or repressed, or for focusing on patterns that block your progress, happiness or well being. 

On Jan 6, Mars (action) leaves combative Aries to enter slow, earthy Taurus until early March. We’ve had Mars in Aries for six months, and Mars in Taurus activates a dramatic energetic downshift in movement, from impulsive reactions to more thoughtful, security-oriented actions and persistence. This is a healing for your nervous system, which has been overly taxed for so long, an abnormal state of Being has become the “new normal.” No wonder we’re all exhausted on some level… 

Taurus rules the physical body, as well as sensual comforts (furniture, fabrics, food, nature), so indulge your senses with that which soothes you. Fresh flowers, soft blankets and favorite meals can nourish your body and relax you overall, so do what’s good for you. Take care of your body temple, that carries you through this lifetime. 

The collective temperament should become calmer and gentler, as the rhythm of life decelerates and we can finally exhale a bit. But know that we, as a collective, have been traumatized and we will be recovering for a while.

Treat yourself and others as gently and kindly as you would a sick patient. Patience will serve you well, which Mars in Taurus requires, because it is not fast. It operates with caution. If you’re in a hurry, this will force you to adjust your expectations, as that’s not what will be happening. Know that it’s all aligned – nature has its own timing, regardless of what you think!

I am grateful for the new energies that usher in 2021. We will have our challenges, but nothing like the way it’s been, which has tested and changed us forever. Be willing to embrace a fresh approach to the new year and what you choose for yourself. 

Look for allies, allow yourself and others room to change, be forgiving and let’s create a new, kinder, more connected world. Be open, curious and have faith in where you’re being led in the unfolding of our New Earth.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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