Happy New Year 2018! – Dec 29, 2017

We have a mellow weekend as we approach the New Year’s Day Full Moon in Cancer on Jan 1st. What a way to begin the year! And it’s a Supermoon, meaning it’s very close to the earth with even greater magnetic effects than usual.

The Full Moon is the culmination of 2017, also about completions, endings and when things come to Light. The Moon in ultra-sensitive Cancer is about your personal life, home (your nest), family, emotional safety, your needs and how you get them met.

The Sun in Capricorn seeks to create structures via discipline, methodical actions and claiming your Authority. The Cancer/Capricorn axis symbolizes the archetypes of mother and father energy, as well as your professional and personal life.

With four planets in Capricorn – Venus (love, $$, self-esteem, creativity), Saturn (structure, Authority), and Pluto (power, transformation) – this is a serious time for manifesting, taking responsibility, and bringing ideas into form. And not just this week – for the next few years.

This Full Moon in Cancer is part of a Grand Trine in Water, where feelings rule and intuition is heightened. Trust your impulses and indulge your senses to open channels of creative expression and allow hits of intuitive “knowing” to come through you. New Year’s Day is a perfect energetic time for visioning, playing and feeling what wants to emerge.

And this is just the beginning, because on Tuesday, Uranus (change, the Awakener) is turning Direct, which activates the unexpected. Be flexible, open and know that change can be liberating and exciting when you’re not in resistance – or rigid. Anything can happen (and you don’t know what it will be!), and if you’ve been stuck, this can open doors for you!

Starting on Jan 2 through March 9, ALL planets are DIRECT! This is highly unusual, especially for this length of time – and what an opportunity! The flow will be powerful, and with heavy-hitters Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn it’s a profound time for creating and making progress in your life.

Remember, Saturn wants predictability and security – and Pluto creates upheaval to rebuild, while Uranus creates revolutionary change in order to upgrade. So we have multiple forces, each with their own agenda.

The dance is learning how to direct the energies for each of them in your life for best results. Your personal astrology chart is magical (and practical) for understanding what’s happening for you!

So this is how we enter 2018 – with grace and a bang! Set your intention for where you want to go and create your path of opportunity. Welcome the New Year with reverence for all that was, is, and is yet to come.

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