Happy Halloween/Full Moon in Taurus – Nov ’14

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The energy has shifted in a big way and things are opening up, post-Eclipse/Mercury Direct. Can you feel it? Things are happening very quickly, which can feel exciting or overwhelming, depending on how you internalize your particular experiences.

My guidance is to stay positive and keep your focus on your desired outcome, whether it’s doing the next right thing or achieving a major goal. When faced with decisions, drop into your heart and connect with your Higher Self for guidance. You will know what’s right for you when you are connected, whether it makes logical sense or not.

Mars (action/will) is exalted in Capricorn for the month of November, so use this ambitious, methodical energy to accomplish something – and preferably, something new. This is like having the wind at your back if you’re willing to make the effort to take on a new endeavor or challenge. 

Furthermore, we’re approaching a Full Moon in Taurus on Thursday, Nov 6th. Taurus is the sign of Fixed Earth – stable, grounded and fertile. Mars and Pluto (power) are together in harmonious aspect to the Full Moon, providing a tremendous boost to facilitate movement and manifest real results that are far greater than usual. What a gift! Look for endings/completions and know that new beginnings will follow.

The final piece is that Venus is softening and warming up the deep, intense Scorpio Sun. Venus and Taurus both rule $$, so issues around values and spending may come up this week. This is a time to wake up from operating on autopilot and make new conscious decisions about what you value, how you create money and what you spend it on. Is money a happy topic for you or a painful one? There’s something deeper to explore if $$ is an issue for you.

During this profound time of change, trust your intuition and Higher Self to feel what’s right for you in each moment. Recognize the voice of the ego that tells you you need protection. Your Higher Self is never fear-based and always leads you to expansion and joyful pursuits. The only real approval you need is from your own heart.

I wish you a beautiful, productive, growthful week!

We do have major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which will affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

I urge you to align your life and actions with your Higher Self in order to create an experience that will be uplifting, fulfilling and meaningful. 

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