Happy Halloween / New Moon in Scorpio – Oct/Nov 2021

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We begin the week with the Sun square Saturn on Oct 30, inviting you to focus on accomplishing a task and getting something done. This implies showing up, honoring a commitment or responsibility that has been placed on you that may feel like a burden. Authorities can be problematic as well, so if you get bad news (government, boss, parents) do the work or adjust as needed to handle the issue. Sun square Saturn can fuel pessimism or discouragement, but rather than spiraling down, be productive in order to be proactive and direct the energy. 

Also, Mars (action) enters Scorpio on Oct 30 for six weeks. Mars in Scorpio is relentless – strong-willed, focused, and it never gives up, so when you tap into this energy, you will have turbo-charged stamina. This is a powerful energy for moving toward a goal or fulfilling an intention, so use the Sun-Saturn, Mars in Scorpio all in service to your vision for the coming year. 

Oct 31 – Happy Halloween! The first days of Nov have Mercury aspects that are radically different, but they utilize your thinking, communicating and networking – an expanded and contracted quality, but knowing that everything has a purpose, look for the meaning in whatever presents itself to you.

Mercury trines Jupiter on Oct 31 at 9:18pm PDT / 12:18 EDT on Nov 1. This is the third meeting of this pair (July 12, Oct 2), indicating that something that began in July is resolving or is complete. Mercury-Jupiter creates big ideas, expansive thinking, agreements, opportunities and connections that broaden your horizons – all great and helpful for inspiring you to keep your vision. 

On Nov 2, Mercury squares Pluto for the third time (Sept 22, Oct 1) and also indicates resolution of an ongoing issue. Mercury-Pluto is CSI, forensic digging for truth, what’s hidden/what’s real, brings things to light, breakthroughs, manipulation, disinformation, conspiracy theories. Also, obsessive thinking, the worry-fear loop that you go over and over in your head – that’s a Mercury-Pluto square manifestation.

This will play out on the world stage and perhaps in your personal life, so watch your words and be in integrity in all of your dealings. The dark side is Pluto, the underworld – sneaky, shady. Unconscious, too, but that is not intentional hiding – that’s why Mercury-Pluto is fertile ground for healing and breakthroughs (using the energy to work FOR you). This is where the action is – getting real by going into the deep to find and feel your truth. 

The New Moon in Scorpio is on Nov 4 @ 4:58pm PDT – a time for new beginnings. Scorpio rules issues around power, transformation, the mysteries of life and death, releasing the old in order to be reborn, and finding what’s hidden. Trust issues, control and betrayal are all manifestations of Scorpio wounds – and with Uranus opposing this New Moon, they are ripe for activation, especially if the unexpected occurs and you feel blindsided; watch those control issues pop up. 

Scorpio always seeks to be in control, as it does not do vulnerability willingly – it’s an emotional safety issue. Uranus is The Great Awakener – it’s goal is liberation, to help you be Authentic, which is the opposite of what our Western culture teaches us to be (fit in, conform, follow). So Uranus wants to shake you up to wake you up! 

Just so you understand the greater purpose of Uranus – it’s to break up routine, stale old structures, which is the kiss of death for authenticity. To be really real is to live in the moment, in the present, in the NOW. For security-oriented types, this is a nightmare, as it threatens their orientation. They like to plan for the future and play it safe, which these days, is highly unpredictable and very stressful for many. 

It takes courage to let go of the familiar and step into the void (unknown) until the next step or way of being is revealed – and this is part of the process of transformation. Watch for obsessive thinking, which will blind you to the big picture. 

Examine your current choices and make decisions with guidance from your Higher Self. This is real empowerment – feeling the lower energies (wounds) and connecting with your Higher Self energies. 

Your egoic Self is holding you hostage when you shrink into the small space of fear and imaginary worst case scenarios. Your Higher Self sees possibilities that relate to who you really are. 

What can you let go of to step into your power on the New Moon in Scorpio? Is it fear, worry, playing small, hiding, negative beliefs about your intellect, worthiness, capability, $$? Whatever is in the way, if you take a step out of the safety foxhole, you are taking a step toward your future. As always, get help if you need it.

On Nov 19, we’ll have a Lunar Eclipse @ 27º Taurus – and Eclipse season begins on the New Moon in Scorpio, so we can expect the unexpected from then on for six weeks. However, the way life is now, Eclipse season isn’t that radically different than everyday life, if you know what I mean…

We ALL chose to be here for this assignment – for the revolution, for the U.S. Pluto Return that will complete in 2024/25. It’s a collective mission and we each have a personal mission as well. Make it your business to discover what is dying and being reborn within YOU. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo


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