As we continue to experience dramatic passages in our world, we are all “In The Hallway” to some degree — meaning, an ending has occurred — and the new beginning has yet to be fully revealed. Your personal hallway experience may be (or may have been) abrupt, shocking, unsettling and/or may have left you feeling lost, disoriented, confused – or wondering if you’re on the right track.

No matter what your story, you are being called to awaken. I am offering my personal attention and guidance to help facilitate the birth of your emerging Self and new life, as well as preparing you for the energies you will encounter in 2023, ’24 and beyond.

Are you ready to take action toward creating, reorganizing and/or eliminating something in your life — in order to create a life that’s more aligned with who you are becoming?

In this Hallway Coaching program, I will support and guide you in doing just that – by offering you tools, processes and guidance to help you gain clarity, confidence and create outcomes that you desire. This includes what is ready to be released…

I will support you in embracing new perspectives and discovering movement and results that create a feeling of empowerment.

Supported Flow


You will receive:

• 9 personal (3 weekly/each month) 60-minute Zoom coaching calls over a 3-month period, recorded

• Powerful processing support for your emerging Self and your creations going forward

• Checklists, audio guidance and inspirational written material

• Access to my resources and experience




The most important skill you can develop in this new world is the ability to transform what’s not working into a free, fresh, higher expression of YOU! 

If you are ready, I can’t wait to support you. ❤️


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For more information, reach out to to see if this is a good fit for you.


Full Pay – $5,000

(or ask about monthly payment plans)



Diane Baker

My connection with Lisa Zimmerman deepened once I had a reading with her. Unlike other astrologers I have worked with, she really went to the heart of who I am and shared that there was much more available to me than I imagined. Booking my spot in her Awakened Life Retreat created big openings and stirrings of possibilities. My commitment to myself started working immediately. It allowed Universal energy to bring a great group of people together from all over to embrace both the dark and light, themselves and each other. What a great tribe we formed! I personally embraced not knowing, which led to new possibilities and I dropped into my heart in a way I have not experienced before. It’s called surrender! All this was made possible because of Lisa’s facilitation skills and her compassionate way of holding liminal/threshold space for each person individually and the group as a whole. Lisa is able to meet the light and the dark while assisting fellow spiritual travelers along the way. All things are possible in this space and I am grateful for Lisa’s deep commitment to us and our process.

Salida CO
Barbara Edie

I was a self-sufficient, do-it-yourself kind of woman, who was much more comfortable giving (and giving) than receiving. Then I took Lisa’s Beauty of Receiving Course. With compassion, care and deep insight, Lisa taught me that healthy boundaries create happier, healthier people; that asking for help is a strength not a weakness; and that each one of us is just as worthy of the kindness and care we give to others. Having discovered (and applied) the beauty of receiving, I have attracted gifts, opportunities and possibilities beyond my imagination. And I’ve learned it is only by receiving that we are able to give. Thank you Lisa.

Author, World Traveler
Andria Creighton

I attended Lisa Zimmerman’s Awakened Life Retreat in January 2017. I have been to many retreats and workshops, but at Lisa’s retreat in CO it was the only time I experienced immediate healing.  I am going to do a six month coaching program with Lisa so I can continue to heal. I highly recommend Lisa Zimmerman. She is a loving and caring woman who want us all to shine in our beautiful light!

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