Hallway Coaching LogoHaving been through the dramatic upheaval in our world, you know what it means to be “In The Hallway” — some ending has occurred, and a new beginning hasn’t yet been fully revealed. It can range from being abrupt, shocking and unsettling to leaving you lost, disoriented and confused – or just wondering if you’re on the right track. 

I am offering my personal attention and guidance in order to help you  facilitate the birth of your emerging Self and new life, as well as preparing you for the energies that you will encounter in 2023, ’24 and beyond.

Are you ready to take action towards creating, reorganizing or eliminating something in your life — to continue moving forward in order to create the life that’s aligned with who you are becoming?

In this Hallway Coaching program, I will support and guide you in doing just that – by offering perspectives, tools and guidance to help you gain clarity and create an outcome that you desire. This includes what needs to be eliminated…

I will support you in discovering forward movement and results that create a feeling of empowerment. This changes everything!

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You will receive:

• Six personal 60-minute Zoom coaching calls over a 3-month period, recorded

• Powerful support for your emerging Self and your creations going forward

• Checklists, audio guidance and inspirational written material

• Access to my resources and experience

• An astrological update with deeper insights to complete your coaching experience



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The most important skill you can develop in this new world is the ability to transform what’s not working into a new, higher expression of life for you.

If you are ready, I can’t wait to support you.


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For more information, reach out to lisa@soullevelsolutions.com to see if this is a good fit for you.