Check in with yourself and see if any of these are true for you:

  • A part of your life has ended, your new direction has not yet been revealed, and you don’t know what to do;

  • You are not sure if you are experiencing a completion or an obstacle;

  • No matter what you do, you feel stuck, blocked or like nothing is working;

  • Regardless of how smart or resourceful you are, you can’t figure out what to do next;

  • You feel lost, overwhelmed, frustrated, disinterested – or just plain exhausted;

  • You are holding on with claw marks to some aspect of life that clearly isn’t working because you’re afraid to let go (or don’t know how);

  • It feels like you – or some part of your life – is falling apart and you need support and direction;

  • You are desperately trying to discover or understand your purpose and haven’t yet found it;

  • Your life appears to be functioning reasonably well, but you can feel that something is changing – and you’re not sure what to do or where to go.

If you resonate with any of the statements above, this class is for YOU!

We will cover…

  • What it means to be “In the hallway;”

  • Why this class is necessary and how it can help you NOW; 

  • The difference between transition, transformation and evolution;

  • The five stages of moving through transformation;

  • How to align your physical space to facilitate the endings — and your new beginnings with Feng Shui;

  • How receiving fits into the equation;

  • What is actually happening when it feels like you and/or your life is falling apart;

  • The MOST IMPORTANT gift you possess that can ensure your success!

This class will provide you with clarity and relief,

once you understand what is happening for you!

You are in the midst of a rebirth, being led somewhere new — and it’s no accident that you are having this experience.

Cosmic energies are different now than they were even a year ago.

New strategies are required in order to align with the truth of who you are — and to support your personal evolution.


Let me help you through this often confusing time that I so intimately understand, because I have lived it. Several times.

I am the embodiment of having moved through the Hallway consciously — and you can be, too.

This is an extremely important time of deciding where you will focus your energy. Your future creations will be the result of the conscious choices you make right now. 



Carole Hyder c


International Feng Shui Expert Carole Hyder will be a co-presenter for 2 Hallway classes!

She will guide you in re-creating your space in order to facilitate a harmonious, productive flow of energies for your Hallway process.




Here is the program flow:


Call #1:  Defining the Big Picture (How did you get here & what do you want?)


Call #2:  Making Peace with Endings and Completions 


Call #3:  Letting Go, The Undoing and Into The Void (with Feng Shui from Carole Hyder)


Call #4:  Emerging – Discovering Buried Treasure (with Feng Shui from Carole Hyder)


Call #5:  Embody Your New Reality

Blue Mandala

If you’re in the hallway, clarity and direction will help you navigate with confidence and a sense of positivity and adventure, rather than being in fear or contraction.

Give yourself this gift and you will have a conceptual framework with which to hold your current experience that will empower and inspire you!

Plus, you get an Astrology reading with me!


For more information about the class:

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Lisa Blue r

 Lisa E Zimmerman

Intuitive Astrologer, Transformational Coach



Full Pay Tuition $697 *Best Price*


2 installments of $375

(billed 30 days apart)


3 installments of $250

(billed 30 days apart)