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10 years ago

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Right now we are ALL in a Hallway of some sort, as the world is changing so dramatically all the time. Nothing is stagnant, except us when we’re stuck in our patterns :))

So here are a few Hallway tips for you. As always, take what you need and leave the rest…

  • Don’t judge anything as good or bad because you don’t know the big picture;
  • The story you tell yourself about what’s happening will largely determine your experience (so make it a good one!) ;
  • Your Higher Self calls you forward in Hallway experiences and your Ego holds the fear, attachment and contraction. Choose to trust and listen to your Higher Self. Your ego keeps you small;
  • Attachment is an obstacle when something isn’t working – practice letting go with faith;
  • The Universe is conspiring for your Good;
  • You don’t have the power to create healthy change as long as you blame someone else for your circumstances. How did you create what you don’t want? Taking responsibility for what you’ve created is where your power is!
  • Pretending doesn’t work. You can’t create over a non-working pattern without it creating interference;
  • Each victory you experience changes your beliefs about yourself and the world – IF you let yourself have the “win”;

For guidance and support go to  In The Hallway: How To Move Gracefully Into Your New Life!

I am always rooting for you and your Highest Good and I am here to support you if you need help.

Wishing you well, with lots of love!


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