Soul Level Guidance Reading:

Astrological direction for

moving through evolutionary times...


As the world turns...

The intensity and opportunity of living in our current era calls for maximum presence and awareness, more so than ever before. There's a lot of noise out there - and you have to filter it  through your Inner Guidance to discern what is true for YOU, in order to be your own Authority.

We are walking between the worlds - the old one that is ending and the new one that is slowly emerging.

We are ALL being forced to reassess every aspect of our lives and make new choices wherever an upgrade, revision, renewal or a complete overhaul is called for.

Now, as many structures and paradigms are changing, is the time to contemplate how you want to live going forward. What an opportunity! 

The mission is to create your life in a way that nurtures and honors your Evolving Self - and this is also the best strategy for moving through unpredictable times with inspiration, focus, purpose and direction

And although it can be inconvenient, UNCERTAINTY actually creates openings to new worlds and new possibilities. Think of it as a portal to the next leg of your journey... 

When you are willing to embrace the unknown by trying something different with optimism, intention and faith, you can magnetize amazing experiences into your orbit.

Your Truth will lead you forward, toward your Soul's Destiny, which means honoring how you feel, what you love and what interests you. That's always your GPS.

This is Earth School - and the Higher Path is learning how to navigate, in flow, with grace, while recognizing WHO and WHAT belongs in your world.

Choosing what feels right for YOU is your job - and then trusting your Self to follow through. 

It's time to embody a new level of Self-empowerment!

So... where are you going?

If you are feeling unsure about how to proceed, no worries. You have a map to help guide you through life - your Astrology Chart. It contains your gifts, strengths and talents, as well as the path to your destiny in this lifetime. It is your personal Soul Map.

An astrology reading will help you get clear about your direction, your timing, your process and where you are in your life cycles. 

The goal is to take advantage of opportunities that support your growth, prosperity, relationships and well being - knowing when and when not to take actions for best results. 

My intention is to help you remember who you are, why you are here - and align with your soul's path in the most productive ways.

Through all of the current and coming changes, you have a personal path of opportunity that is unfolding for you - and with clarity, you can engage with confidence to maximize the potential that's available for you. I'd love to help you find it.  

Your astrology chart will indicate what's happening for you now and what's coming in the year ahead. 

When I hear the details of your current circumstances and see your chart, my intuition comes through with guidance for you, as well as naming hidden patterns that you may not be aware of. I can't wait to share and support you!  

If you're ready for your next steps...

get your

Soul Level Guidance Reading

for the year ahead

This reading includes:

• A 2-hour Soul Level Guidance Astrology Reading via Zoom or phone to understand what's happening now & in the coming year 

• Written info with dates and bullet points for current energies and coming events

• If the Eclipses will affect you personally - and in which area(s) of life

• Your Astrology chart and a digital recording of your session

As the world rapidly changes, every soul has a timeline for their development - and your astrology chart illustrates yours.

Get the care and direction you need for clarity and support through these uncertain times

Soul Level Guidance Reading

for the year ahead

Full Pay $497 

2 Installments of $260

(billed 30 days apart)

I will contact you after your purchase to schedule

Rescheduling may take place up to 24 hours in advance without a $200 rescheduling fee.  No shows forfeit their session.


"I have had quite a few readings in the past, but NONE compare to the reading I had with Lisa.  

She is truly amazing!

The reading was so eye-opening and enlightening.  When you discover and become aware of why certain things are happening you suddenly have a clear direction and beautiful doors begin to open in your life - this is the gift I received from Lisa. 

I felt so taken care of when I worked with Lisa - her love and compassion towards her clients (and her work) are very apparent. 

Thanks so much for an amazing reading Lisa - you're the BEST!"

Kim Womack

lmhc / Euqine specialist

"It takes a tremendous amount of faith, support and loving guidance to go to unknown places. Lisa has been this guide for me. Messages on her website, through her classes and in her astrological readings – all come from the warmest, most insightful, loving and safe source.  

Lisa has an incredible gift, sharing her powerful understanding of spiritual evolution and transformation,  guiding others so gently into this awareness as well.

With Lisa’s infinite love and kindness and sincerity, I have found the courage to change – to allow myself to evolve and transform, to shed my life costume and stop acting, to trust my inner voice and let it speak.  This is truly living.  

I declare to deeply and intentionally cultivate, protect and cherish my true self. Thank you, Lisa."