Ground in Taurus, Dream with Neptune – May 4, 2018

This is a week of preparation and contemplation as Mercury emerges from its shadow, awakening to new information, messages and/or perspectives. Let the info/messages inform you to make decisions about where you are, where you feel called to go or what do you feel called to do.

Today the Moon is conjunct Saturn (Authority/structure) and it can manifest in various ways. You may feel heavy or discouraged, wanting to give up, but the higher expression is to focus on your work and get it done, one task at a time. Not glamorous, but very productive and you’ll feel good about yourself for being responsible and committed, with a positive result.

On Saturday, the Moon squares Mercury and later, Pluto. On Saturday, the Moon squares Mercury and later, Pluto. Your work is to align your thoughts and feelings so they are working together to create what you want. If they are in conflict (what you think and how you feel), see if you can discern what is needed to harmonize them – and then make the correction and connection. Get support if you need it.

On Sunday, the Sun in Taurus flows with intuitive Neptune. Taurus is practical, seeking certainty, security and comfort, whereas Neptune is your dreams, Higher Self and All That Is. This is a soft, grounded energy – relax and let your mind wander. Listen to music, be in nature. Let it feed you.

Use this combo to ground in practical ways while you let your imagination lead you somewhere new to guide you forward. Don’t worry if you aren’t clear about the details – there are changes coming later this month that may alter the plans you have in place. Be flexible and trust your intuition; it’s the way to go now.

On Monday, Mercury squares Pluto, potentially bringing up hidden info or mental patterns that you’re ready to shift. Trust issues, manipulation or other verbal tactics designed to control are common at this time. No verbal sparring or trying to dominate – be mindful with your words!

Also on Monday Venus squares Neptune, creating soft, idyllic possibilities and connections. But no matter how beautiful someone/something is, be aware that you may be seeing through rose-colored glasses and missing reality that will appear later. Before you jump into anything serious today, get a second opinion from a trusted advisor.

On Tuesday, the Sun opposes expansive Jupiter, giving you a major boost of “can do” energy! This optimistic energy can help you stretch and take actions that your mind might usually resist with fear-based thoughts. Assess what feels doable and follow your intuition. This is a good way to make a move if you have felt stuck.

The rest of the week is pretty mellow. Use it to ground and center yourself and prepare for the coming changes mid-month by getting any support you need. The times they’ll be a-changing, and you are meant to change, too.

Remember, you signed up to be here now. We’re all in this together and it’s more productive (Saturn) to focus on what you CAN do – and since the call is change (something different), feel into what that might be for you!

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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