Goodbye Taurus, Hello Sun & New Moon in Gemini – May 2017

Today is the final day of the Sun in Taurus – and it’s squaring the nodal axis, which indicates a turning point – and a decision. What’s in the way of your movement toward your destiny (North Node), and what will you do about it?

The North Node (destiny) in Leo is about Self-expression and stepping forward, whereas the South Node (the past) in Aquarius can be about following the group at the expense of your Self or hiding in the group. Aquarius also rules TV and internet, so toxic info and energy on the airwaves is also a lower expression of Aquarius South Node energy.

Will you reach for your highest potential or will you stick with limiting beliefs, relationships or paradigms that you have outgrown, but feel familiar? Do you seek personal growth or choose security and safety? Get real with yourself, because you can feel what no longer fits – and the discomfort will only increase if you try to hold onto the past as life moves forward.

All week we have Uranus (new, revolution) in harmony with methodical Saturn (structure, security), supporting creative changes. You can shift and be in the flow, or changes are external, they will likely be exciting opportunities that align with your Authentic Self and broaden your horizons. Yay!

Venus opposes Jupiter today, which can activate a windfall ($$), support, loving, friendly attitudes, indulgence, romance, overspending, and generosity. You can feel the higher and lower expressions of this energy, so be mindful not to overdo it, because this is the combo that can get you in trouble if you go too far.

On the other hand, it is healthy and fun to spoil yourself and others sometimes. Venus-Jupiter can give you the green light to do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do, so be mindful. Make sure your decisions are deliberate and don’t do anything you will regret later.

On Saturday the Sun moves into curious, social Gemini, which lightens the energy considerably, and connections abound! Mercury and Venus will both finally be past their shadow energy, which opens the flow considerably to create anew. Saturn and Uranus in harmony and dynamic fire signs offers a fertile foundation and red carpet for creative change.

pastedGraphic.png     New Moon in Gemini    May 25 @ 3:44pm EDT

On Thursday, May 25 we have a New Moon in friendly, curious Gemini. The New Moon is the time for new beginnings so take action toward something you want to create or expand in your world.

Write your New Moon Intentions to be clear – and refer to them daily to remind yourself of what you want to create. Keep them by your desk or somewhere where you’ll see them often. Begin with “I create” “I have” or “I am” – in present tense. Rituals that focus your attention are powerful!

Gemini rules all mental processes (talking, writing, speaking, thinking), as well as information, networking, education, classes, workshops, community, media, contracts, email, technology and ground transportation. It’s all about connection and communication.

It’s a good time to sign contracts, have conversations, network and take a class or enroll in a program that will evolve your life and skills. This is a week to move forward, boldly announcing your Self and intention to engage with life in brand new ways!

Namaste, Pioneers. Find the courage to contribute your gifts to our new frontier!

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