Goodbye Rocktober! Oct 25, ’13

Galactic Spiral

The Sun has now entered passionate, intense Scorpio – sign of transformation and going deep, deep, deep. It’s time to get to the core of non-working patterns to make corrections. Scorpio pushes you to get real (whether you think you’re ready or not), by bringing up shadowy energies so you know what needs attention.

Don’t be afraid of the “dark” or try to avoid what’s uncomfortable. Whatever you resist will persist – that’s why the energy is still present! If you don’t know how to shift yourself, seek help.

There is always a solution if you’re willing to do the work, so no matter how much you think you’ve done already, keep going if you’re not resolved yet. You deserve nothing less. Don’t quit before the miracle!

The deeper the issue, the greater the payoff (more lightness and free attention) when you release the fixed attention that’s holding the creation in place. Fixed attention is like super glue for an issue – when you can only see it from one viewpoint and you are stuck there. Ouch!

The more flexible you are, the better. Different viewpoints offer new perspectives, which change the playing field entirely. Go for more inquiry, less digging your heels in. If it’s happening to you, it’s your creation, so look at what you are doing to manifest this experience. You have so much more power than you realize to change what you experience! What can you do differently?

We just had a Lunar Eclipse last Friday and we’re approaching a Uranus-Pluto square next Friday (Nov 1), followed by a Solar Eclipse (Nov 3). Uranus in Aries wants change NOW and Saturn in Scorpio says NO. This square creates rebellion, upheaval, stalemates, attacks. You see it in the world and if it’s touching you personally, you are feeling the push-pull energy in your own life.

The dynamic Uranus-Pluto and Eclipse energy can pry stuck energy loose through unexpected events and/or endings that shift everything. Be proactive by holding a positive intention along with aligned actions. Your actions must match your intention in order to generate what you want. Stay committed and positive!

Mercury Green

Mercury Retrograde
Oct 21 to Nov 10

We are in Mercury Retrograde until Nov 10th. Slow down and double-check all travel details, communications and plans.

In order to avoid swimming upstream and having to return or fix things, wait to make major purchases until Mercury goes direct in mid-November.

If you must make any major purchases during this time, save your receipts! There may be a return in your future…

If you take actions to begin anything new, know that you will likely be revising your plans going forward – or that new contracts may not stick.

Utilize this time to assess your path, course correct, complete old projects and anything left undone, make amends, clear clutter (physical, mental, emotional) – and ultimately make plans to move forward and create your next incarnation.

Stay focused on your goals and intentions as you take appropriate actions. Align with your Higher Self, knowing that you will always be on the right track when you listen to that still, small voice within.

We have a few major  Moon Void of Course periods this week. Pay attention so you don’t schedule important meetings, dates, tasks or launches during Moon Void of Course times. Here’s a link to get the Perfect Timing Guide if you need it.

Don’t take any actions that require a specific outcome when the Moon is Void of Course. The Void Moon is good for leisure, spiritual connection, routine and creative activities, but not for targeted results.

Knowing the Void Moon times and acting accordingly goes to your responsibility for creating what you want in life.



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