Goodbye Libra ~ Hello Scorpio – Oct 18, 2019

The Sun changes signs in the coming week – from Libra to Scorpio, and it’s a good time get clear about where you’re going in the coming months and year. It also feels like a break from heavy aspects, as we prepare for the New Moon in Scorpio on Oct 27.

Mercury sextile Pluto on Sat, Oct 19 is fertile for seeking needed info and where deep truth can come to light, as Pluto rules what’s hidden. Mercury-Pluto wants to know the real story, so use this energy wisely. Or you can deliver a powerful message that makes a real impact on others and the world.

Venus sextiles Saturn on Sun, Oct 20, stabilizing relationships, money issues, financial transactions, Self-esteem, as well as bringing creativity into form. This is a good time to make decisions regarding any of these topics, as long as you’re clear about your intention and direction.

Venus trines Neptune on Mon, Oct 21, allowing for a flowing, harmonious day of heart-filled, energy that calls goodness into your space if you’re focused on creating – and a magical day for romance. Enjoy!

The Sun moves into Scorpio on Wed, Oct 23 @ 1:20pm ET and you will feel the energy shift considerably.

Whereas Libra loves beauty, peace and harmony, Scorpio loves digging deep to discover what is really going on. Scorpio rules psychology, CSI, the unconscious, death and rebirth. Evolution. Soul growth. The deep water…

Passionate Scorpio rules issues around power, control and transformation – what to release and what to keep in your life. If there’s anything new you want to begin, commit to or purchase, do it now!

Start by taking some action to activate your new creation while Mercury is Direct and Jupiter is still in “can-do” Sagittarius. This is a good week to make things happen, get things done and decide what you want going forward.

I am such a believer in the power of proactivity – and trusting yourself is the rocket fuel that will propel you to create your 2020 experience.

What do you want your future to be – and what do you need to manifest in order to make it happen? These are questions you can ponder, journal about or brainstorm with like-minded friends to gain insights (especially with the support of Mercury-Pluto and Scorpio energy!).

Reminder: Mercury goes Retrograde Oct 31-Nov 20. Take actions toward anything new you plan to begin and make major purchases before Mercury slows down later this month. And back up your technology.

Always look for hidden gifts as well truths that are revealed going forward. Stay high and take good care of your beautiful Self!

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