Goodbye 2014 – Happy New Year 2015!

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We close out the year with Saturn (Lord of Karma), having moved from intense Scorpio to idealistic, truth-telling Sagittarius – which should be illuminating going forward, personally and collectively.

Seeking your personal truth invites you to examine your beliefs and how they serve you. Most people don’t really think about their beliefs – they just operate on autopilot until someone or something challenges what they think (believe).

The cosmic energy is relatively quiet this week. This is an optimal time to be proactive between now and the new year to explore your beliefs and whether they’re creating the results you desire.

Do you accept things that you don’t prefer because you believe “that’s just the way it is” (or something like that) – or do you decide what you will create and go for it? It’s very common to accept beliefs about limitations as “truth” (the economy, age limitations, gender, lack of credentials, childhood issues, etc.).

We are often encouraged to accept others’ beliefs without question, but going within to feel if a thought (belief) truly resonates with you (or not) is the most empowering way I know of to align with your Higher Self. Your ego is holding all the beliefs about what you can’t do, rationalizations, justifications, and excuses.

I promise you, your Higher Self doesn’t buy into any limitations! It is expansive and holds unlimited possibilities of your unique combination of qualities and gifts. Tune into that for an uplifting experience!

Have the courage to embody your Inner Authority and take responsibility for what you think/believe. Your thoughts are your beliefs – and they are creating the experience you’re having. You have more power than you may realize to create what you desire.

Please, to create the BEST new year possible, be willing to feel into your big dream and then commit to taking actions that will move you in that direction. That’s my idea of a happy New Year – not a one-night party, but rather, a commitment to your Self!

One more thing – your thoughts are what you are contributing to the collective energy of the world. When you are critical or judgmental you not only bring yourself down, but you are adding that energy to the collective, so be mindful and compassionate. It truly is for the Greater Good.

May you be happy and well, now and in 2015!

We are still having MAJOR Moon Void of Course periods this week, which will affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

I urge you to align your life and actions with your Higher Self in order to create an experience that will be uplifting, fulfilling and meaningful.

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