Gift Certificate Reading

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When you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one, good friend or special someone to show your love and appreciation, give them a Gift of a Natal Astrological Reading.

Who is a good candidate for a Gift Natal Astrological Reading?

Someone who:

  • wants to know about their life purpose
  • is curious about their identity and Authentic Self
  • wonders about their career path or is considering a career change
  • wants guidance about their relationship
  • is lost, stuck or confused about their life direction
  • is seeking healing, personal development and/or growth
  • is interested in spiritual exploration and their own awakening

A natal reading is an exploration of your Soul Map – or the blueprint of who you came here to be in this lifetime.

There is an endless amount of fascinating, validating and very helpful information in an astrological chart, which often amazes people due to the accuracy and detail contained within it!

This is a very personal, wonderful gift of honoring and love – and I assure you that I will take very good care of the special person you send to me. This is a 75-minute reading via phone or Zoom and they will receive a digital audio recording of the session along with their astrology chart.

There’s just one prerequisite: be sure the recipient is an adult who wants to have a reading – and then it’s all good!

Indulge someone you care about.  

Gift certificates expire one year from date of purchase

Nancy Lee

You may have heard “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” That’s how I feel about my journey with Lisa. During my reading, Lisa gentled me into the process. Right off the bat, I was nodding in agreement with key phrases she used to describe me, even the facets of me few ever see. In fact, she told me things that no one else could possibly know or understand. Not only that, she revealed my path and my purpose. To say this was an eye-opening moment would be an understatement. I’m still absorbing the enormous amount of information Lisa shared with me in my reading! It has been, and continues to be, life-changing. My view of self has been redefined, and I’m excited that I’ve met someone so talented who is in support of me creating BIG! Now that I have discovered Lisa’s gifts for myself, I can’t wait to tell everyone how terrific she is. When your time is right, I’d recommend a reading from Lisa for yourself or someone you love.

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