Game Changer – Jupiter in Scorpio – October 2017

We’re still experiencing the effects of transforming Pluto that squared yesterday’s Full Moon in Aries. With challenging aspects, it highlights issues around endings and power — who has it, how they handle it, how you try to control it or give it away, as well as who has power over you.

This energy can bring up deep feelings of vulnerability if you’re in touch with your inner Self. If you’re not, you may just feel threatened or reactive. The opportunity is to become more empowered by learning to create more of what you desire. It is a game changer and will be on the menu for the foreseeable future.

On Tuesday, expansive Jupiter moves from harmonious, relationship oriented Libra into passionate Scorpio for the next year. Scorpio is the sign ruled by Pluto, so the areas of life that will be expanded and highlighted are sex, money, power, the unconscious, other peoples’ money and resources, your deepest desires, what’s hidden and the occult (all things that are unseen by the human eye).

In your chart, the house that Scorpio rules is where you’ll experience it the most. Something within you is calling for awareness and healing. If you have planets in Scorpio, they will receive the benefit of this added mojo!

On Monday (Columbus Day in the U.S., Thanksgiving in Canada), Pluto is squaring the Sun and Mercury, begging for conflicts re: viewpoints and communications. If you’re celebrating with family, avoid politics and topics where feelings may be tender. Just a suggestion. Common sense: avoid power struggles and easy does it…

Sun/Mercury square Pluto also brings things to light that have been previously hidden. Stay tuned to see if any national news appears or something is revealed in your personal life.

On Wed, Mars (action) squares Saturn (obstacles, Authority) potentially activating a roadblock or stop sign when you try to go forward.

Rather than falling into frustration, proceed clearly and carefully or just wait another day if you’re not in the mood.

Stay high. Allowing your emotions to get the best of you is a way to go out of power. Just saying, you can practice staying conscious and not being discouraged when things don’t go your way. Find an alternative. Do something else.

Consider challenges to be mental/emotional Jedi training – and the idea is to stand in your power with compassion and Self-care. Dominance isn’t power. Finding ethical ways to create what you want and being kind in the process is a high level spiritual practice and training.

Our familiar world is being dismantled around us and we are here to be the Light Solution, learning to adapt to the New Earth that we are part of creating.

Who knew it would look like this?! But here we are, so this is the next item on our agenda. Jupiter (higher truth, the big picture, expansion) in Scorpio (healing, transformation, power).

Lots of feelings will come up. That’s okay. Feel them – and keep going!

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…

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