Futurama: New Moon in Aquarius – February 2021

We move through Feb with an abundance of Aquarian planets that are all about the future, along with Mercury Retrograde (thru Feb 20) that creates opportunities to review/revise decisions, structures and ways of operating that are ripe for course corrections. Radical new and redos. 

Aquarius rules modern art (think Picasso/Cubism), modern architecture, clean lines, visionary mental structures (the internet, iPhone) and everything that flies in the air (electricity, airplanes, rockets). Inventors are Aquarian, as are humanitarians, working for the Greater Good.

The introduction of major new inventions in our culture eventually changed the world. Stay tuned for what is born from this hyper-evolutionary period of our collective development, where old thinking will no longer serve you if your mind resists new ideas.

On to energies for the week. We have a setup for decisions and shake ups on Feb 6, with two aspects back to back: Venus conjunct Saturn followed by Venus square Uranus. Security and stimulation!

Venus-Saturn speaks to stability, commitments and decisions in relationships, boundaries (how you value yourself), money (spending/saving) and bringing creative ideas into form, making them real. Think of practical measures that support your quality of life, your heart and your creative expression. 

With Venus square Uranus, it breaks up stagnant dynamics/routines in relationships and can create unexpected gifts or meetings, changes in your approach to pleasure, style and spending. You (or your partner) may want space or to spice things up, so be creative and do something different! But I advise against any impulsive moves with permanent effects (tattoos, marriage), as the feeling may not stick once the planets move on. 

The Sun is trine the North Node, beckoning you forward toward the collective Destiny to support the creation of the New Earth. If you want a new practice, try brainstorming from your Higher Mind, envisioning what’s needed but not yet here – or revisioning what’s here, but is too old-school for these times. Young people can easily do this, as they are wired differently, but you can too if you stretch your mind beyond familiar boundaries. Make things up! Play. Expand your thinking beyond what others say and be free…

On Feb 8 the Sun is conjunct Mercury, which is ripe for awareness, awakening and all Mercury activities (writing, speaking, connecting, learning, teaching, community). Take advantage of having the wind at your back by using this lively mental energy to propel you forward in some way. A good action day.

Feb 9 is another day for potential healing or embodying your Inner Authority by claiming your work with purpose and confidence, as Saturn sextiles Chiron. It’s not about recognition, it’s about integrity and your commitment to your contribution. Service via your unique gifts brings deep satisfaction. 

Also on Feb 9, Mercury trines the North Node (Destiny), when meetings, messages or other info may come across your radar that opens a door to a new world. Don’t limit your options by looking for the familiar – this is Mercury in Aquarius (genius!), so be open.

Mercury squares Mars on Feb 10, making arguments, verbal sparring and conflicting viewpoints front and center, so be mindful of your words and don’t engage in conflicts unless you want a fight. Even if you’re selling something with good intentions, with this setup you may be overly pushy or go too far in ways that work against you. Easy does it and if you choose to stand up for yourself, be as objective as possible and stick to the facts, as an exchange can easily get supercharged.

Finally, we have a New Moon in Aquarius on Feb 11 @ 11:06am PST with six (out of ten) planets in Aquarius, the forward-looking sign of innovation and independence. All the Aquarius energy creates an intense desire for authenticity – and if you’ve traded your freedom for security, you may feel a profound restlessness or need to break out of a rut. 

Being locked down for most of 2020 has many itching to get back out in the world and reconnect, so do something to that makes you feel liberated. Plus, Venus is conjunct Jupiter on this New Moon, opening hearts, sparking creativity and elevating our mood. Hope is on the horizon.

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings, to plant seeds, but we’re also in Mercury Retrograde, so use this energy to refresh stale thinking by creating a mind map or diagram of your current truths and ideas to see what comes through you. Think: inventive, genius, humanitarian, new ways of doing old things, radical changes, modern. Be willing to examine what’s there: is this really true for me?

Remember The Jetsons cartoon from the early 60s? Who knew that all those elements would one day be real?! That’s Aquarian thinking… Futurama was an exhibit at the 1939 World’s Fair with a model of the City of Tomorrow that introduced the idea of expressways (a solution for traffic congestion). This is how progress happens, by visioning new ideas and making them real.

Your life doesn’t need to operate on a grand scale – maybe it does, maybe not. Whatever you choose to be or do, it comes from your Authentic Self and the idea is to break the mental/emotional chains that keep you small so you can access your Higher Self and make your life a reflection of your true gifts, strengths and talents. Maybe your gifts are best expressed when you’re part of a like-minded tribe who  is making a difference in the world. 

There’s a freedom involved in creativity, like there is when you’re playing. Imagineering was the research and development arm of the Walt Disney Co., a term combined from imagination and engineering. This featured Blue Sky Speculation, where ideas were generated without limitations (budget or practical considerations), so apply this to your life.

You can think yourself out of anything with the mind’s objections (this won’t work because…). Open, open, open! Creating without limitations is a powerful practice – and you can do it privately if you don’t want to share.

Reimagine your life! How could it be? The vision is step one… then the engineering. What would be needed in order to make this happen. Just assume you can do it, have it, be it. See where this takes you. Your mind is a box and the boundaries were influenced by the conclusions you made based on your childhood programming and environment unless you’ve made changes to that setup. 

Keep stretching, keep evolving, keep growing. We’re on the fast track now!

“Most people are copies of someone else, imitating what others do. Be a different individual, expressing the very best of your own unique nature.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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