Full SuperMoon in Aries – September 29, 2023

Sept 29 @ 2:58am PDT – We awaken into a dynamic Full SuperMoon in Aries, in the Eclipse wormhole, activating action and change. This Lunar visual will be stunning if you have a clear view, so try to see it if you can. The Eclipse wormhole is a short distance between two different realities where quantum leaps can occur and unpredictable events can happen. Should you experience an unexpected event:

  1. Be as flexible as possible; 
  2. Observe rather than react until the dust settles and don’t judge events as good or bad;
  3. Stay present in the NOW;
  4. Trust that the universe is conspiring for your Highest Good.

The Moon in Aries opposes the Sun in Libra, which is the “I-Thou” axis (Aries=Me and Libra=We). Aries is the maverick, pioneer, warrior, who is Self-directed, energetic and independent. Libra is the other-oriented, sign of peace, harmony, balance and beauty. Libra desires compromise, connection and a win-win, as well as elegant strategies to solve problems, rather than wanting to push its way through (like Aries). 

There are various planets and points in Aries – the North Node of Destiny (or Fate), Eris the disruptor, and the Moon – and they are fiery and willful. The North Node points us in the direction of the collective True North, which indicates claiming your autonomy or your Authority. Eris will not be controlled, so I suggest using this energy to break out of any systems or agreements you have made that limit your freedom of expression or movement in a conscious, focused way. Make a plan if you need time to create an exit strategy.

The Sun, Mars and South Node (past) are in harmonious Libra, but they can indicate where you’re giving up your power by choosing the path of least resistance. You can take a higher path by releasing that which is not serving your Evolving Self and directing your energy toward new actions that will serve your Authentic Self with Venus square Uranus – a sudden change, a release or unexpected twist that will ultimately create greater freedom, liberation or growth. Either you make a move or if it’s external, it’s a reflection of some inner aspect of you. 

Sept 30 – Mercury trine Uranus generates innovative thinking, solutions and brilliant ideas that are arise from a higher octave of awareness and genius as Mercury clears its shadow. Now you can make sense of earlier events that were unclear, as well as opening to new perspectives, downloading exciting ideas for the future or new channels of communication. Enjoy whatever comes through – and also a good day for tech updates (a bonus!). 

Oct 2 – Mercury opposing Neptune. This will create confusion and low vitality or it’s best for intuitive pursuits, spiritual practices and creative activities. A perfect day for rest, daydreaming, playing or time in nature if you can swing it. Meditate and ask your Guides, Angels or Higher Self to give you direction for going forward and see what comes through. If you must work, give yourself extra time and save the detailed work for tomorrow. Today you may find inspiration in writing or generating creative ideas in other ways.

Oct 3 – Mercury trine Pluto – this is the day to go deep with the details, the CSI problem-solving, clarity and organization with Mercury in Virgo. Everything will be in order. This is also good for healing work, as Pluto rules all that’s hidden and Mercury can go in and seek a breakthrough. If you need to do anything productive, this is your day. 

Oct 4 – Mercury in Libra – Mercury has been in orderly Virgo since late July and it moves into diplomatic Libra until Oct 22, making language more polite, eloquent and focused on negotiation. This goes along with the Sun and Mars in Libra that represents the relationship axis, how to be with the “other” without sacrificing your Self – and, how to be with the “other” without steamrolling them to get what you want. 

There is a space of peace – and that is the invitation. In order to find it, the solution is not horizontal, it is vertical. When you shift to a higher perspective there is a major opening and freedom from attachment. It may take some practice, but it’s well worth it if relationships (of any kind) are causing you pain. 

Relationships are a spiritual path – and Libra is the sign of the mirror. You can think you’re spiritually healthy and relationships will show you how you’re really doing by who you are attracting into your space – and how the dynamic is working. 

Let this be a week of awakening, discovery and illumination! Practice releasing what no longer serves you and be open to what shows up. This can be a fertile week – remember to flow with the changes.  

If this world were a perfect place, where would souls go to school? ~ Emmanuel

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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