Full SuperMoon in Aquarius – August 2023

July 28 – We close July with Mercury entering its most detail-oriented sign that thrives on systems, spreadsheets and doing things the “right” way. Mercury in Virgo seeks efficiency, wellness, improvement and a zen space. Because Mercury turns Retrograde on Aug 23, it will stay in Virgo through Oct 4, so notice what comes up for you starting next week, as you’ll be reviewing it in the coming months. The benefit – analytical Mercury in Virgo will let you know what’s out of alignment and needs attention in your world.

All week Pluto squares the Lunar Nodes of Fate in Aries and Libra exactly, activating an impulse to honor your Self and act on your will (North Node in Aries) – and to let go of behaviors in which you abandon your Self in order to fit in, please others, look good or keep the peace, especially in relationships (South Node in Libra). North Node = awakened action vs. South Node = passive path of least resistance. 

The Nodes will be in Aries and Libra for 18 months, but with Pluto squaring them exactly this week, it creates next level pressure to face anything you’ve been ignoring, that can manifest as a breakdown or a breakthrough if it hits you personally. If you have planets near 28º Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, you will feel the pressure to change something. 

Aug 1 – Full SuperMoon in Aquarius @ 11:32am PDT, extra close to earth with greater emotional impact. Aquarius rules authenticity, independence, rebellion, revolution, innovation and it’s also groups, friends and your tribe. The tribe you once belonged to may have changed – you may be in between, as the old has fallen away and the new has yet to appear, or maybe you found your new tribe already. But it’s all a reflection of the new “You,” as you evolve and grow. 

Venus Retrograde supports you in reevaluating your heart’s *true* desires – and the changing Nodes of Fate add to the equation, as well, by pushing you to drop programmed behaviors that block you from your true Self. Although this can feel uncomfortable, depending on how much you have to unmask, it all goes to allowing your Authentic Self to emerge and show itself. There are a lot of learned behaviors to unlearn!

Mars trines Jupiter in the Full Moon setup, giving you energy and enthusiasm to take inspired actions to go after something you want, to fulfill a vision or even stretch beyond your usual boundaries with a leap of faith.   

Next, Saturn opposes Mercury, which can either be constructive or painful, depending on how you hold it. If you use it to take methodical actions or follow a plan, it can be useful. If you allow yourself to worry or obsess over what may go wrong, you will go into a loop. Disciplining your mind is your job – when you direct your thinking with constructive tasks, it will be very helpful. 

Saturn opposing Mercury can create a delay, a roadblock or a rejection, but if you are patient, you will see that there was a good reason for the space that was created. Don’t go negative – it won’t help you. Ever. Trust that All is in Divine Order and do the next right thing – which is the most brilliant antidote for worry, stuckness or overwhelm. You will know what to do. Take care of little things in your immediate area for a dopamine hit (a feel-good neurotransmitter) – or a pick-me-up! 

This week feels relatively quiet as Venus Retrograde asks us to reassess our values, Pluto squares the Nodes of Fate, the Full Moon brings things to light or completion, and Mercury in Virgo is ready to take care of business. 

Even when you can’t put your finger on it, there’s lots going on, on levels you can’t see or discern – higher dimensional levels. But you can feel it, especially if you detach from worldly drama and make decisions from a connection to your Authentic or Higher Self. Do your spiritual practices and connect to nature. Allow yourself to be intuitively guided and above all, to thine own Self be true. That is your mission.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde

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