Full Super Moon in Capricorn – July 2022


This is a fertile week for growth and evolution, with lots of movement and your job is to stay high, stay awake – and keep an open mind and heart, no matter what is happening.  

On July 8 the Sun squares Chiron (Wounded Healer Archetype) and you feel what’s out of alignment, re: freely being your Self in your present circumstances. If this comes up, pay attention and get the memo so you can address any area needing attention or care with support from a helper. Anything that inhibits your Self-expression is ripe for exploration as a portal to your life purpose or your personal “yellow brick road.”

Mercury squares Jupiter on July 9 and you may be hot to trot with big ideas and conversations in which you overcommit to promises you may not want to fulfill later. Think things through before you speak, write or respond. Mercury in Cancer wants to help and Jupiter in Aries is like a locomotive – and in a square it has no brakes, so your best intentions can lead you to overdo it. On the other hand, it can expand your thinking to help you broaden your vision, so if you are seeking a new teacher, viewpoint or solution, use this energy to expand, grow and learn. Just watch the commitments :))

On July 10 the Sun sextiles Uranus and there may be a plot twist that leads you somewhere new or your Inner Rebel may kick in. Be proactive and do something innovative or different than usual to direct the energy – step out of the box and boldly express your uniqueness. Dress up, dress down, go somewhere new, just do “the thing” in a way that lets your Spirit shine

July 11 is the 2nd exact Pluto Return of the US (the 1st was Feb 20, the 3rd is Dec 28, 2022). This is when Pluto returns to its exact position at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. We continue to watch the walls come tumbling down in government, banking and other institutions, as hidden corruption, greed and shaky structures continue to be revealed and fall apart. We volunteered to be here to hold the Light during the deconstruction of the old – and to usher in the new, progressive rebuild that is slowly emerging.

On July 13 we have a Full Super Moon at 21º Capricorn @ 11:38am PDT, the closest Full Moon to the Earth of the year, so its impact will be felt tremendously. This Full Moon is at the degree where Pluto and Saturn were on Jan 12 when Covid hit, bringing you back for a check-in to see how far you’ve come since that time – and who you have become since then. Notice what has fallen away that you really didn’t need…

Capricorn rules structure, responsibility, discipline, commitment, goals and reality – and this is a major reality check. Boundaries are a Capricorn topic and with the Sun and Mercury in caring Cancer, having healthy boundaries is a must. If you need support to learn how to create healthy boundaries, get it. It is your job and will change your life!

Capricorn is the sign of authority and it’s also your Inner Authority. Are you connected to your Inner Authority and living your truth or do you need agreement, permission or approval in order to be who you are or to choose a course of action? The energies of the Universe support you in coming into your power and Authority, which require you to trust your Self and know what you know. If more people were in their authority and power, we would have much less violence. Obedience (compliance, submission) is the abdication of power and authority.

The Moon conjoins Pluto, which brings up primal issues around safety, trust and power. If your fears have kept you in a limiting lifestyle, you may be ready to rise above old beliefs that kept you small – and you can also notice if/how/where you give your power away. Who are you trying to please?

Uranus and the North Node of Destiny trine the Moon in Capricorn, supporting change that leads to your Highest Good. Pay attention to inner signals, intuitive guidance and opportunities that arise and you will be led to the right people, places and things. This can involve breaking free of commitments that are draining or making decisions that defy the old programming that has been running your life for years. You may be surprised by what shows up in your world as the coming weeks unfold!

Mercury sextiles Uranus, creating innovative breakthroughs, solutions, progressive ideas, alternative paths and possibilities that lead to greater freedom. Venus trines Saturn (Ruler of Capricorn), indicating clarity about your values and that’s your GPS, as you create your life. You know what feels right for you. It gives you a feeling of stability and grounding.

With dreamy Neptune squaring Venus at the same time, I think its blurring the edges of our mental constructs that are well defined – and limiting, creating opportunities for greater possibilities. Our dreams aren’t nearly as vast and expansive as the infinite potential of the Universe is. So don’t fear Neptune’s interference with your busy mind – it’s an opening, as it dissolves inner boundaries that you can’t see, to open you to inner worlds beyond the ones you know of now. You will be traveling to new spaces!

Spiritual practice: open to a bigger picture to discover new possibilities and alternative paths. 

“To infinity and beyond!” ~ Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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