Full Moon in Virgo – Entering March ’10

We bid farewell to February and enter March on the energy of an expansive Full Moon in Virgo. A Full Moon signifies the culmination of things or a time when things “come to light.” What is happening in your world?

Full Moon in Virgo Sunday, Feb 28th

8:38am PT ~ 11:38am ET

The Full Moon on the Pisces/Virgo axis asks you to pay attention to the details of life while remembering that we are all One, so that what you do to another, you do to yourself. The energy of compassion and empathy is primary right now so choose to live in lovingkindness.

Pisces is the direct experience of Spirit and “being” while Virgo represents practicality, service, and “doing.” The goal is to find the balance between being and doing, creating adequate time and attention for both. This will enhance your life tremendously!

The Sun and Jupiter (expansion/abundance/beliefs) are together in dreamy, mystical Pisces opposed by the Moon in practical, analytical Virgo. The guidance is to be mindful of overdoing it, whatever “it” is for you – stay grounded and look before you leap because consequences count!

With Jupiter, it could be jumping into some big project because you love the idea without checking the details, over-committing, or over-indulging (food/shopping/fill in the blank). Please think it through before you take an action or say “yes.”

Speaking of taking action, Mars (planet of action) has slowed down dramatically as it approaches its station on March 10th, when it will appear to stop and turn direct. Consider the next ten days prep time, as you will experience an energetic release when Mars finally begins to move forward on Wed, March 10th. It will take a few weeks for Mars to gather steam, so watch for the momentum to begin in the second half of March.

Venus (love/money/values) and Uranus (change/unexpected) are together in Pisces on the Full Moon, which means that money can suddenly come or go, your values may change, or your love life may take an unexpected turn.

Of course, you have the opportunity to check in with how you feel about these areas of you life to see if your needs are being met or if course corrections are required. Know that external changes are mirroring an internal shift back to you.

Upcoming astro events:

Wed, March 10th – Mars Stations Direct

Sun, March 14th – Daylight Savings Time begins (already?!)

Mon, March 15th – New Moon in Pisces

Take good care of yourself as you prepare for the action that is coming in the month of March. Pay attention to the details, but always keep the big picture (Jupiter) in mind because that speaks to the “why” – why you’re doing what you’re doing, which is your inner compass.

I wish you deep peace, love and connection to All!

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