Full Moon / Venus Retrograde / Winter Solstice – Dec 2021

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Get ready for a week with major energies occurring back-to-back, creating a layering effect. We begin with the Full Moon in Gemini on Dec 18 @ 8:36pm PST, that is super social and ready to mingle, perfect for holiday gatherings. This is further highlighted by a trine to upbeat, dynamic Jupiter, the life of the party and a jolly good fellow! 

On a serious note, the Full Moon in Gemini is an opportunity to focus on your choices and where you place your attention – on fear (lower vibration) or on your dreams/vision (higher vibration) for creating your future. Mercury (Ruler of Gemini) squares Chiron, indicating a painful conversation, decision or realization you experience that is activated by an old wound. Consider this another turning point and get the message if there’s something you need to recognize, change or address.

With the Sun at 27º Sagittarius (the Galactic Center – center of our galaxy) on this Full Moon, allow for revelations or an inner reorientation through this portal that expands your consciousness and horizons. New possibilities abound, helping you transcend old paradigms and your current “box” by accessing insights, clarity and direction. Stay tuned to new messages and any guidance that comes through. 

Venus turns Retrograde from Dec 19 – Jan 29, when it’s time to review and revise topics related to love, relationships, money, beauty and how you value your Self. All these topics go to your quality of life, and to what you value. With Venus in Capricorn, you are discerning who/what belongs in your life or has to go, as well as reassessing your financial status, or at the least, reviewing your spending (and looking for any $$ owed to you?). 

Venus in Capricorn is seeking what is real and lasting, and this is a profound time when the Venus-Pluto conjunction will bring up hidden patterns or problems that have been suppressed or swept under the rug, to be seen and dealt with. This takes you into a process of exploration, as you decide what really matters to you now – and going forward. You can no longer pretend things are working when they’re not; you are face to face with shadowy behaviors, dysfunctional patterns and painful dynamics. 

Venus-Pluto brings up issues around trust, power, and mixes them with love. Venus Retro is a powerful time for bringing unconscious patterns to awareness, so you can recognize your blind spots before you “fall in the hole” again and repeat an old story in a new disguise. Or stay defended to protect your heart and never let anyone in for fear of being hurt (still an old story). 

Check out The Promise of Venus Retrograde if you are ready to become empowered and learn how to utilize this second chance to change your quality of life. The intensity level of Venus-Pluto on a scale of 1-10 is at an “11” and when things aren’t working it is painful, so practice impeccable self-care. Pay attention to the message behind any drama you experience, because that’s the point of all this. To evolve, to grow. Pluto will expose what’s hidden eventually, so rather than becoming attached to the story, focus on the message for YOU.

Venus-Pluto can bring karmic attractions, your soulmate or twin flame, which is often a catalyst for a major turning point or awakening – and rarely lasts a lifetime (in my experience). When this happens, the person is irresistible, as their magnetism renders you helpless and you may abandon your usual good sense and follow your instincts. Be mindful, as much as possible, and don’t make any permanent moves, especially during Venus Retrograde. When the spell wears off, you may wonder what you were thinking…

On Dec 19, along with Venus Retrograde, Jupiter trines the Sun, offering an optimistic view and hope for the coming days ahead. Yes! This is followed on Dec 20 by Mercury trine Uranus, which stimulates your genius, higher mind, visionary ideas, breakthroughs or innovative solutions. Flashes of brilliance can take you beyond the mundane, into creating the progressive future, especially with Mercury and Uranus both in practical earth signs that want to make somthing real. 

The Sun enters Capricorn on Dec 21, the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and the darkest point of the year, after which the Light begins its journey of reemergence. This is a sacred space and time for rituals about the return the Light, so light a candle and create intentions, meditate, release that which no longer serves you and prepare to receive. Or just say a prayer and focus on where you’re going…

We close the week with the third and final Saturn-Uranus square on Dec 24, as the battle between the traditional ways and progressives continues. There are no good guys-bad guys, it’s a conflict between conformity and authenticity, obedience and rebellion. Personally, you may be torn in your life between the old vs. the new in various aspects, regarding family, work, relationships or friends. The invitation is to get clear about what you need to create your life in a way that nurtures, honors and supports You. 

This leads us to Christmas Day. I wish you a blessed and fruitful week, as the energy is ripe with potential for insights, expansion, direction and clarity. Set your intention for the world you want to live in. I wish you peace and blessings.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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