Full Moon In Sagittarius – May 27, ’10 and more…

The energy is building as we approach the Full Moon on Thursday, May 27th, which creates a surge in emotional intensity. Think of blowing up a balloon as a metaphor for the ascent of a Full Moon… the pressure builds until the Moon is full, when it “pops” and the energy is then released.

The 72 hours prior to the Full Moon is when emotions run high and reactions can be overblown. Easy does it, go slowly and practice patience and compassion (for others and yourself!) to move in grace and flow.

The Full Moon in optimistic, idealistic, visionary Sagittarius speaks to higher truth and the commitment to a cause, which you can use to anchor in your “why.” Knowing why you’re pursuing your desires (or the big picture) keeps you connected you to your passion, which is the ultimate motivation for success.

The “why” is a powerful focal point that can sustain you when times get tough or discouragement creeps in. Be clear about knowing and remembering why you’re doing what you’re doing!

On this Full Moon we have an additional “astroblast” that hasn’t occurred in 84 years and it’s a BIG DEAL! Uranus (change, revolution, your authentic self) moves into the sign of Aries (the warrior, maverick, pioneer). Get ready, because this is a willful, high energy combo – something’s going to change in a MAJOR way and if you’re proactive, it can be you!

Dare to be your most authentic self and channel your genius (another expression of Uranus), allowing a new level of expression to come through you. If you release your “inner critic/editor” that monitors  your appropriateness, who knows what may be unleashed?! Very exciting…

The house that Uranus is moving through in your chart will be the area of life through which you’ll experience this drive to step up, break the shackles that bind you and offer your brilliance or take some radical action! And as always, if you experience changes that you didn’t initiate and it feels like things are happening to you – this is  an outpicturing of your desire for change that you’re reluctant to act upon.

The Universe only takes that which is blocking you from your highest good, so if something leaves your life it is meant to go. If you don’t understand it now, know that more will be revealed…

Be bold, be brave, and stay grounded because with this energy it’s easy to become rebellious or get carried away. If you feel off-balance, stop what you’re doing, close your eyes and go within. Think of who and what you love in order to open your heart, soften your energy and raise your vibration.

Here are the coming attractions…

Thursday, May 27th – Full Moon in Sagittarius and Uranus goes into Aries. A high-energy day and Friday too, after the energy has kicked in.

Sunday, May 30th – Saturn Direct
After being Retrograde since Jan 13th, Saturn changes direction allowing projects to move forward as well with new, upgraded structures. Tap into your evolved inner authority and recommit to yourself and path.

Monday, May 31st – Neptune Retrograde
Time to go within, review your dreams and connect to your Higher Self. Use this day for spiritual practice, creativity, being in nature or in contemplation. Whatever connects you to your intuition, compassion, empathy and connection to living things and your place in the Universe is a higher expression of this beautiful, mystical energy of Divine Love. Enjoy and relish the energy of Being.

If you find yourself in the “hallway” right now, where you’re no longer in one room and the next room hasn’t yet been revealed, know that all is well – even if you don’t know exactly where you’re going. There’s great humility and grace in being in the hallway. Go within, connect to your Higher Self, practice impeccable self-care and embrace what you love.

We’re moving into new territory now with possibilities galore, as this summer provides us with tremendous opportunities for change. Remember that you can always make new choices when something no longer resonates with you.

When it comes to your life – you create it ALL, so step into your power!

Here is a testimonial that I am so happy to share with you:

“I had been looking to buy a new home and thought I found the “perfect” place when along came Lisa’s Mercury Retrograde telling me not to put in a contract during this time. I immediately called her and told her I found the perfect place I had to have it and she urged me NOT to put a bid in till after May 11th. I thought there was no way I could wait or I would lose it. I agonized over this and chose to wait. On May 13th another listing became available that was better suited for my needs and $20,000 cheaper. I put in the offer, got it, and it’s been smooth sailing since.  What would have happened if I hadn’t taken the leap of faith and listened to Lisa. I would have lost big time.

P.S. My friends all thought I was crazy for not putting in the 1st bid, but were in awe when they saw what happened when I waited for Mercury to go direct.” ~ Judy Gregorek, NY

Congratulations to Judy and blessings to you all!

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