Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – June 4, ’12 – 7:12 am EDT

What a high energy week this will be! We are leading up to a Full Moon in Sagittarius/Lunar Eclipse on Monday, June 4th at 7:12 am EDT.

The atmosphere is charged with emotional energy and you will be well served to tread lightly and if you encounter any conflict, don’t take things personally. Remember, everything you experience is just information and its meaning is assigned by you!

A Lunar Eclipse is about endings or the culmination of things, so watch for endings, completions or efforts coming to fruition. It’s a dramatic, exciting time!

There are a few other energies in the mix. Mars, planet of action and aggression, is squaring the Eclipse, which can activate anger, attacks, or tension/conflict. Don’t engage in power struggles or respond to emotional outbursts.

Neptune, planet of compassion (high expression) and confusion (lower expression) stations on the day of the Eclipse as well. Guidance: always choose the higher expression of the energy!

Appreciate yourself, others, and the situation when there’s any tension, and always practice compassion. That is the highest energetic road you can take – you will be in your Higher Self and in your heart. From there, you can’t go wrong!


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