Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – July 2020


We’re in the wake of planetary shifts, sign changes and dramatic aspects whose powerful effects are still reverberating, even though they’ve already taken place. The level of upheaval, dismantling (and subtle dissolving behind the scenes) is so tremendous these days, the entire experience feels overwhelming and draining, as we do our best to stay afloat and create equilibrium. 

It’s taxing trying to explain all the different energies and what they mean because there is so much happening all at once, but to give you an overview, two major players right now are Mars in Aries (warrior energy) until Jan ’21 and Saturn in Capricorn (Authority) until mid-Dec ’20. They are both in their home signs, giving them extra strength – and they will butt heads, especially this Fall.

Saturn has backed into Capricorn to join Pluto and Jupiter, who are closely connected, highlighting issues around beliefs, power, righteousness, ideals, $$ (BIG money), religion, law and what’s hidden. Lots coming to light, although now it seems normal to have secrets being exposed. However, the difference may be that some karma will play out as a result of what is revealed in the coming months. 

The big event of the week is the third of three Eclipses in a month – a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 13º Capricorn on July 4 @ 9:44pm PDT. This Eclipse ends a 2-year cycle on the Cancer-Capricorn axis that focused on your personal/home life vs your Authority/career, inviting you to put attention on your needs and emotional fulfillment (North Node). So here we are, on the final Eclipse in Capricorn, which is tricky, as structures are falling apart and nobody knows where we’re going.

Mercury Retrograde and the Sun in sensitive Cancer oppose the Moon, with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in heavy Capricorn. Mercury squares Mars, activating inflammatory words and words as weapons. When upset, hold your tongue before your speak – impulsive outbursts can hurt you and others. Plus, with Mercury Retrograde, you may not even hear what is being said correctly, or you may have mixed up info. Convoluted communications, disinformation and misinformation can create misunderstandings. 

Mercury and Mars are in an exact square on July 9, but they will be traveling closely, in conflict all month, so developing the habit of centering before you speak is a helpful (and important) one to cultivate. You will never be sorry for practicing restraint. Say what you mean, but don’t say it mean :)) 

Uranus makes a supportive aspect to the Sun and Moon, supporting your Authentic Self as well as your independence. Think for yourself. Make decisions that feel right for you. Step out of the box (your old programming) and dare to discover who you are beneath your old identity. If you’re on board, this is very exciting – and in this time of restructuring, there is plenty of space for your rebirth!

I urge you to contemplate the structures in your life and how they’ve changed (and how YOU have changed) in 2020. And understanding that we won’t be going back to the way we were, can you release your attachment to the old ways and embrace what’s new – or what’s yet to be created? This is the work, regardless of where you are – to move beyond attachment to what is ending, and to open to the incoming.

Mantra: Show me my teachers and/or show me my messengers.

A Lunar Eclipse is an ending or completion – and Eclipses create sudden, unexpected experiences which changes your world in an instant. This can be personal or global – and if it affects you, I suggest you do your best to align with the change. Resistance creates extra pain, as you struggle against “what is.” 

Everything you’ve learned in your journey has prepared you for where you are now and where you’re going. Even if it feels like it’s too much, you can handle more than you know. 

A few Eclipse tips: 

*Emotions run high around Eclipses – expect the unexpected as well as fated events, and be flexible;

*Eclipses can clear huge obstacles or manifest potential challenges quickly;

*If you’re confronted with an unexpected situation/event, let the dust settle before taking action;

*There’s a slogan, “Don’t just do something, sit there!” Use that guidance when anxiety triggers you to act prematurely or reactively, which won’t serve your Highest Good;

*Don’t judge events that happen on an Eclipse as “good” or “bad” because you don’t know the big picture yet – and more will be revealed.

Mercury Retrograde is in effect until July 12, so use this time to review, revise, research, plan, and clear the clutter (inner and outer), to make room for the new ideas, opportunities and paths that will appear going forward. Classic Mercury Retrograde is not having all the information (even when you think you do), so don’t make major decisions during this time if you can help it. Be nice to yourself :))

Easy does it this weekend. Watch what happens around the Eclipse – and be open to any messages you receive (verbal or nonverbal). Although we’re watching our world fall apart, breadcrumbs will appear for you to follow – it’s up to you to notice them.

And for my U.S. friends, a video recording of the monster hit Broadway show, Hamilton, is on Disney Plus ($6.99 for one month) beginning today to livestream. This tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of our Founding Fathers and the history of the U.S. I love that everyone in the world will have access to the show because of our current conditions. As some doors close, new ones open. Don’t forget that!

We’re living in amazing times when the impossible can (and likely will!) become possible. All the outer confusion and chaos invites you to go within for peace, creativity and connection with your Higher Self – and to remember that you have a purpose for being here now. 

Everyone has a new journey in our new world! As always, I’m so grateful for your presence on our path together. xo 



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