Full Moon in Libra – March 29, ’10

We have a Full Moon in Libra on Monday night, March 28th and emotional reactivity is rising, so stay awake (conscious), focus on the positive, and easy does it until the energy “pops” after the Moon is Full. 

A Full Moon is the culmination of things or when things come to light, so notice what comes to fruition now, either in the form of a creation or an ending. 

The Libra-Aries axis addresses relationships and the compromises necessary in order for them to work vs. your personal will and desires. What needs to change within you and your relationships?  Be proactive and responsible for the way you interact with others and move through life!

With Pluto (transformation) involved, this Full Moon speaks to endings in relationships or behaviors that no longer serve you. Which relationships require an adjustment or are complete?  This can be your signifcant other, best friend, business partner or other one-on-one relationship. 

The Saturn-Pluto square contained in this Full Moon gives  you  the opportunity to release disempowering beliefs and behaviors through which you diminish or inflate your needs in personal interactions. 

Successful relationships require honesty and balance, which can be a tall order if you have a history of sacrifice or self-centeredness. People-pleasing or withholding so that you don’t rock the boat illustrates self-abandonment. On the other hand, expecting others to accommodate you without having their own needs attracts passive types or those who don’t meet you as an equal on some level. Does this genuinely support your growth?  

It’s time to raise your game (if you haven’t already) to create satisfying relationships. If something is out of order, begin by holding yourself as powerful and responsible for your behavior and what you’re willing to accept. Then you can make adjustments to upgrade your operating system and create a new paradigm!

Pluto will be going Retrograde next week and Mercury will follow later in April, so you’ll be going back over recent territory you’ve traveled with ample time for corrections.  For more information on Mercury Retrograde with specific dates and directions  click here    

One last thing… Mars is happily connecting with the Full Moon and is hot-to-trot, so please remember to look both ways before crossing the street!    

“Every minus you think you have is just a plus waiting for a stroke of awareness.” ~ Mary Manin Morrissey  

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