Full Moon in Leo – Jan 29/30

d2t-leo2The pressure is building! The 48-72 hours preceeding a Full Moon is when emotional energy heightens and people can become highly reactive. Think of blowing up a balloon – as the Moon waxes, the balloon gets filled with more and more air.

When the Full Moon occurs, the balloon “pops” and the energy is released. So the days approaching the Full Moon are when tempers starts to flare and people act out. Don’t engage and easy does it…

Full Moon in Leo ~ Jan 29 at 10:18pm PT /Jan 30 at 1:38am ET

The Full Moon is on the Leo/Aquarius axis, which is about creativity and self-expression, ultimately for the greater good. You were given your gifts to be used – not to keep hidden away and withholding your gifts is the expression of a wound. What causes you to be inhibited – rejection or ridicule, or have you just disconnected from that part of yourself?

If you don’t know how to express yourself they way you want to, take lessons, get a mentor or find a buddy and let your light shine! In order to be creative you must be willing to make mistakes, so let go of the need for perfection while you’re playing. Creativity is the expression of Spirit and it expands your world – enjoy!

Community is also part of this Full Moon and remember that belonging is one of the most important human needs, especially when you are encouraged to be and accepted as your Authentic Self. When you express your Authentic Self, you are operating from a place of love and Light.

Venus and Mars (yin and yang/feminine and masculine) participate in this Full Moon, adding even more spice to the mix! In opposition you can either polarize in duality or come together on a higher plane. When faced with conflict or challenge think, “What would my Higher Self guidance be?” – it will lead you towards love and connection every time!

On Jan 31st we have the second exact Saturn-Pluto square, which can initate conflict, power stuggles or other challenging energies. I think you know the drill by now – let go of whatever is outdated, redundant, or complete. It is your job to stay in love, practice patience and keep focused on what you want to create!

“If you don’t own the experience, the experience owns you.” ~ Harry Palmer

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